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Biden Leaves Indigenous Alaskans Out in the Cold

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The proposed short, gravel, one-lane road would cut through the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge in southwestern Alaska, connecting the small community in King Cove to an all-weather airport in nearby Cold Bay. Environmentalists have repeatedly argued a road would threaten the wilderness and wildlife habitat of the refuge, which was established in 1960.

But there are currently no roads connecting the village to Cold Bay and proponents of the project have argued it was required to ensure mostly-Indigenous residents have greater access to emergency services. The small airstrip in King Cove is highly dependent on good weather, restricting residents’ access to emergency services. More

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  1. …”a road would threaten the wilderness and wildlife habitat of the refuge.”

    Who ARE these people?…REALLY. Did they create the land and animals there? Do they OWN it? It’s a wonder THEY are not an endangered species yet.

    RACE: Human
    Genus: Environmentalist
    Species: Stupid

  2. Similarly,

    Our liberals & Turdeau promise the world to the Native People at election time & on the CBC (Commie Broadcast Corp.) and then proceed to fuck them over.

    The WEF/UN/Globalists trial run in Canuckistan, tweak, Then follow through in the US.

    Australia = Practice for UK implementation
    Canada = Practice for the USA

  3. It is a known fact that a line of gravel will keep most Alaskan wildlife away. When I go camping in Denali I bring a couple bags of gravel and put a double line of the rocks (single would work, but I double it just in case) around the boxes of food that I leave out on top of the table. I wake up in the morning and I see several grizzly bears standing around the table, reaching for the food, but they can’t reach it because of the gravel surrounding the table.

  4. DavidW
    I think you forgot the (/s) tag at the end.
    And I’m going for a glass of water to quench that dry humor. 😄😄😄😄😄😄

  5. So? Impact the wilderness!? Boo hoo on the Greenies.
    You live and work in that wilderness. The Greenies don’t.
    I doubt the Greenies would last a week without having a breakdown.
    Go ahead and build the road anyhoo.
    Better to ask forgiveness after then permission before.
    And if the Greenies come along and bother you, make them part of the roadbed. The road will be lumpy at first, but will smooth out soon enough.


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