Biden Lies About Economic Contraction

WFB: Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden touted a false statistic Thursday about the economy’s contraction in the last quarter, using the inflated annualized figure instead of the quarterly one.

“Today, we learned that the last three months were the worst period for economic growth our nation has experienced in the 70 years since we started measuring it—a drop of nearly 33 percent,” Biden said. “And the already unthinkably high numbers of American workers filing for unemployment each week continues to go in the wrong direction.”

The nation’s gross domestic product actually shrank by 9.5 percent from April to June, largely due to extended shutdowns because of the coronavirus pandemic. GDP shrank by an annualized rate of 32.9 percent, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, but the economy is highly unlikely to similarly contract over the next nine months, making it an unreliable metric.

President Donald Trump’s campaign criticized journalists and media outlets, such as NBC News, who reported the annualized figure as the quarterly one. more

12 Comments on Biden Lies About Economic Contraction

  1. It ain’t a lie if you truly believe it.
    Hell, Joe Biden has said 150 MILLION were lost to gun violence AND we just lost ANOTHER 120 million to covid-19.
    The possibility that the Democrats might steal the elections* has me losing sleep and listening to Mark Levin podcasts.
    * They’ve successfully stolen at least a half dozen House seats in California with “ballot harvesting”. That sets their precedent for stealing elective offices.

  2. Honesty has never been Dementia Joe Obiden Bama’s strong point during a lifetime in politics. He has defamed the poor guy for decades who wasn’t drunk when his wife and daughter were killed in the accident that hospitalized his two young sons. Then he adopted the life story of Welsh politician Neil Kinnock during his first run for President. These were relatively small whoppers compared to the lies he told during his eight years in the Osmidgen-Obiden Administration. Dementia Joe can’t help himself, he’s a congenital lying dog-faced Pony Soldier, and we’ve only got 92 days until the election to send him to the Sunny Day Memory Wellness Center where he truly belongs.

  3. C@cksucker Joe conveniently forgets that it was his financial patrons/partners in China that created and released the COVID virus that crippled the world economy.

  4. How many crayons must a man wolf down
    Before you call him a man
    How many C’s must He get in school
    Before He can be called a fool

    Yes, and how many times must the old geezer lie
    and rub up a young woman’s thigh
    The answer, my friend, is mailing your votes in
    The answer is mailing your votes in

  5. Brown nose Joe conveniently forgets that it was his financial patrons/partners in China that created and released the COVID virus that crippled the world economy.

  6. The grinning imbecile from Scranton wuz the Kenyan Kremepuff’s second banana and Number One Observatory Circle Jerk for eight years who can’t count past three, likes telling off-color 7-11 dwarf jokes, an authoritarian on all things Black, enjoys playing mumbley-peg with dim-witted quadrupeds and deserves the same general esteem as the Organ Grinder’s monkey that can’t be trusted with a burnt-out match let alone nuclear codes… but he did manage to act as the front man for his criminal family!

  7. I’d like to see a test of cognitive skills done between Joe and a chimp but we could wind up with another monkey for president.
    Too harsh?


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