Biden mouth kisses 19 year-old granddaughter – thoughts?

Media outlets are reporting this without mentioning, or knowing, that this is Finnegan Biden, his granddaughter.

Still creepy?

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  1. Joey’s certainly creepy, but this sort of kiss with family isn’t all that uncommon.

    Now, if there had been some tongue action, that’d be different.

  2. I don’t like Joe and his being so handsy with girls and women but that kiss was pretty tame. More of a peck. . If it were anyone else no one would bat an eye. Let’s not take up the progs sense of overblown outrage. It diminishes the real offenses.

  3. I can’t relate, and still find kisses on the mouth with family members to be…. strange.

    But… whatever other families do is their business.

  4. I still give my mother a peck on the mouth, as well as my daughter and my younger granddaughter. It’s innocent and a symbol of our love for each other. My oldergrand daughter no longer wants to participate, but is a hugger. There is nothing sexual in any of it.

  5. “If you push a negative hard enough, it will push through and become a positive.”

    No, Joe. No, It won’t. That Alinsky rule was just filler.

  6. I live by the motto “If I swing my arms and can hit you, you’re standing too close to me.” So a mouth kiss with anyone with whom I am not intimately involved is not gonna happen under any circumstances. So, yeah. For me, this is cringe-inducing.

  7. @BFH: “But… whatever other families do is their business.”

    Agree, regarding this specific topic.
    There is really but one reason for such a display, in public, on a stage, in front of rolling cameras:
    it was staged

  8. He looks very different over last year or so. Did he have a face lift or is he using dentures? He just looks different

  9. Mouth kisses are just so….intimate. This skeeves me out. The whole family is weird. Druggies, grifters, and sexual deviants.

  10. Toby hit the nail on the head.

    Stop2think: I agree; his mouth moves funny when he talks and he slurs his speech. Stroke?

  11. Joe knows he’s being watched, why push the issue?
    I wouldn’t have let anyone but a boyfriend kiss me on the lips at 19!

  12. It’s not the quick smooch that was troublesome to me. I just can’t see where his hands were at the time.


  13. My old man tormented me as late as about 16 years old. He’d come after me with his lips puckered up right in front of my friends. The more I resisted him the more of a rise he seemed to get out of it and the bigger spectacle it became. Not that any of you care, but it’s context for why you probably think I’m fucked in the head.

  14. West Virginia’s reputation rising exponentially!

    that, or…

    Orange Delaware is the new Black West Virginia.

  15. @ecp: It could have been worse. You could have been female.

    (P.S. – Just kidding, of course.)

    (…I hope.)


  16. Proves that his grand-daughter has a cast-iron stomach.
    Can you imagine the stank denture-breath from a lying, shit-eating, fly-speck licking, dog-ass slurping, putrid mouth like Joey’s?

    Gag a maggot.

    izlamo delenda est …

  17. So, I guess grinding on her hip is wrong, too. Damn, How’s a guy supposed to be a guy? Anyway, she’s too old for me at this stage of my life.

  18. Count me among the nope crowd, but we all know how the Biden family is. Fathers mouth kiss daughters, sons mouth kiss their brothers’ wives . . .

  19. @ Dianny, Yep, same here, no hugs either.
    Quit kissing my mother, at about 9.
    No kissy,
    no huggy,
    unless you’re my wife.

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