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Biden Orders EEOC Chief To Resign, She Refuses


President Biden fired Equal Employment Opportunity Commission general counsel Sharon Fast Gustafson on Friday after she declined to resign under pressure from the White House. More

14 Comments on Biden Orders EEOC Chief To Resign, She Refuses

  1. Before starting to work for any administration, staff is required to submit an updated resignation.

    This is just some kind of political show.

  2. Who cares if she may have been the greatest to have ever have held that positions. PRESIDENT Trump had a hand in her hiring so she must go! What an asshole.

  3. What’s the EEOC good for if it can’t protect it’s own chief counsels?

    Despot’s got to despot.

  4. The republican senators MUST resist all future biden appointments, and do whatever they can to keep them vacant for the remainder of his fraudulent term.

  5. “Gustafson”? That sounds mighty white. I thought the EEOC was supposed to be all-black because Civil Rights Act.

  6. Poor old joe. Thinks people respect him. Oh well.

    Just like Turdeau only with a bit more testosterone.

  7. ……a break from long-established norms respected by presidents of both parties…”

    There’s her first mistake. There’s nothing normal or respectful about this administration.

  8. No fucking sympathy for her. Just a couple of months ago, the EEOC said it wasn’t illegal to block an employee from the workplace because they had refused a COVID vaccination. They couldn’t technically FIRE an individual for refusing the shot, but they COULD prevent them from working again until they submitted.


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