Biden Proposes Millions to Pay Legal Fees of Illegal Aliens

Diogenes’ Middle Finger:

As one writer for RedState suggested, Joe Biden couldn’t have done a better job importing illegal aliens at a record clip if he had ordered one-way people-movers installed along the border, hired mariachi bands to welcome what democrats view as future-democrat voters, and put together festive parties with piñatas for the kids.
And now we see Yahoo News reported the Biden administration plans to spend millions of dollars of your tax money to cover the cost of lawyers for illegal aliens.

Read that last sentence again.

Not only do 46* and the democrats want you to like it — or lump it — as the steady flow of illegal aliens, many covid carrying or pregnant continues virtually unabated; they also want (expect) U.S. taxpayers to foot the bill for legal fees after they enter the country like a victorious invading army and flaunt U.S. immigration law after being encouraged with the promise of free healthcare during the primary debates. more

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  1. Free everything and by 2028 if those squad goons get their way illegals will also qualify for UBI. Because basic income is a RIGHT for everyone that sets foot in this country. We haven’t even seen a mass illegal wave yet if this comes about, every sand negro mexican dot head will make their way. Work will be reserved for white slaves.

  2. Several years ago, a sociologist advocated for a boost in US population to about 800 million within this century.

  3. Socializing the legal system.
    Make all the maggot lawyers rich(er) off taxpayer largesse – “largesse” at the point of a gun, by the way.
    Sort of a “Full Employment Act for Shysters.”

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. “Biden Proposes Millions to STRIKETHROUGH Pay Legal Fees of /STRIKETHROUGH CATAPULT Illegal Aliens BACK HOME”

    That’s what I’M hearing. 😡

    P.S. – formatting STILL sucks, btw.

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