Biden Puts Positive Spin on His Afghanistan Disaster- Even the Dems Are Cringing – IOTW Report

Biden Puts Positive Spin on His Afghanistan Disaster- Even the Dems Are Cringing

14 Comments on Biden Puts Positive Spin on His Afghanistan Disaster- Even the Dems Are Cringing

  1. Biden has been claiming since day one, his withdrawal (cut and run) from Afghanistan was a brilliant military success. He’s never said anything different. The buffoon-in-chief is that delusional.

  2. I watched a pod cast last week with a couple retired Navy Seals going step by step the tactical errors that were made. What a joke. Conclusion, a non military minded person ran this shit show so it was either Milley or Austin. It would be funny if it weren’t true.

  3. @Anonymous 11:00 PM — Once again, you miss the point. If you missed it because you didn’t understand it, then you’re not very bright. If you missed it on purpose, then you’re not very honest.

    It’s not the when they left, it’s the how they left.

  4. but, but, but Orange Man bad.
    There, now doesn’t that make everything clearer.
    Sheesh, we have to explain everything for you.

  5. Uncle Al,

    Screw the pooch. Priceless, standard military phraseology. That’s all Demonrats can accomplish with every single thing they do.

    Because they and the uniparty Rinos all work for Lucifer. The father of all lies and the Pedo sold his soul long ago.

    The demons “running” the country use gaslighting, lies, deception, and shiny objects to deny, deflect, distort, divide, dismember, dodge, dip, and duck from the truth? You don’t say?

    It’s impossible for Demonrats to do otherwise because of fealty to their evil master.

    It was Ghost Rider 2 or 3 that had Satan granting a demon the power of decay. Most potent and powerful power of them all.

    This is the uniparty. Every good foundational American thing they touch, rots and decays from the inside.

    Every sentence they utter is poison and lies.

    The war with the devil is active and out in the open now. But Trump is the Lord God Almighty’s Twinky.

    He is impervious to the demons touch of rot and decay. Like Ghostrider his skull is now aflame and America is the flaming chain that is coming for the demon of decay.

    It’s going to cut the uniparty into pieces of ash.

    Fuck the Pedo.

  6. At some point you have to wonder if they really are just a collection of nitwits, dummys and fukups when time after time they ALWAYS make the wrong decision. If they were they would occasionally do the right thing (you know, the blind squirrel thing) No, the only conclusion you can come to is that all this is deliberate. Jackass Joe is a bought & paid for Chinese torpedo and his cabal of fruitcakes and misfits from the Island of Busted Ass Toys are designed to fail.


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