Biden Redeploys U.S. Combat Troops to Somalia, Reversing Trump Draw Down – IOTW Report

Biden Redeploys U.S. Combat Troops to Somalia, Reversing Trump Draw Down

CTH: Democrats love war, even when they have to go looking for one.  The New York Times is reporting that Joe Biden has signed a Defense Dept order authorizing 700 combat troops to redeploy to Somalia, reversing the Trump-era troop withdrawal.

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  1. What the fuck for?
    Send all those fruit loop tranny soldiers that you forced on the military.
    We’re going to need troops for the WWlll you are dragging us into with Russia.

  2. How else can you launder 40 billion to Ukraine if you don’t have a pit stop first.

    ‘Somalia’is easily gonna’cost us a trillion for some ‘inexplicable’ reason.

  3. Great! Now that Somalia will be safe for tourists again, I’m going to book my hotel tomorrow before the rates skyrocket.

  4. Why? Somalia is the last place on Earth that we should be sending troops to. This will not end well. I hate the democraps and uncle joey, nothing like another democrap led and run occupation of a shithole muzzie country for us to spend more blood and guts on. This is absolute idiocy of the worst kind. Next thing you know the democraps will want more Somali refugees to come to the U S because it’s the politically correct thing to do. Just ask Minnesota how well that’s working out for them.

  5. Going to Somalia makes perfect sense if you want to create a steady stream of Somalian “war refugees” back through all the NGOs who are paid by the U.S. gov’t to process into the U.S.

    More racketeering. It’s all the Democrats know.

  6. Oh yeah, the United States has SO much at stake in Somalia!
    (said no one, ever)

    The limeys and the wops fought over that shithole to the tune of about 350,000 casualties – and it wasn’t worth A SINGLE ONE!

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  7. Well, Obiden admin hasn’t been able to get us into all out war in Ukraine. Gotta get their pals in the defense contracting business some money somehow.
    Those donations for 2024 are going to be needed.

  8. The glaring fact is that the Somalians are a blak people, and with Joe Biden long-known for despising blacks, hispanics, asians, indians, native indians and other ethnicities including ethnic russians (think zelensky) Biden set our military loose upon that nation to kill them off….just as the non-intelligent skunk planned. No offense to skunks.

  9. democRATz need a new playground where they can be corrupt as hell and nobody sez squat. If Ukraine gets nuked they want an alternative site they can use for funneling over-taxed-payers money into their pockets! They don’t just like corruption, they depend on it!

  10. Skunk
    MAY 17, 2022 AT 7:25 AM
    “No offense taken.”

    The Black part is HIGHLY offended.

    The White part isn’t ALLOWED to be offended.

    They cancel each othrr out.

  11. Hey Dad, I got a group of Ukrainians & Somalis together and bought some Ocean Front Property in East Somalia.
    Bill & Hillary are willing to to do the Plumbing, Electricity & Sewers but we need a bit of “Aid” money to start he ball rolling.
    Cheney want’s to handle The construction & Romney’s kid is available to help wherever he can.
    It should be good for 10% or better.
    You think you could also help with some security?



  12. With the Democrat supply chain of mail-ins and dropboxes being disrupted , we’re probably going to see more of these strategic absentee ballot troop deployments over the next few months. Which will really help the Pentagon with the huge problem it has retaining and recruiting new volunteers.

  13. Numerous “Blackhawk Down Scenarios” IN THE MAKING.

    700 military personnel?
    That means over 600+ will be support elements for 70 to 90 combat ready personnel, the rest will be issued bullseye targets to wear over their uniforms.

    The perfumed Political Princes in the Pentagon have again out done themselves.

    Funny how the incompetent political elite make the policy to send 18 to 20 year old’s to their death. There is a definite pattern here.


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