Biden resists pressure to commit to woman of color VP pick or rule out Klobuchar amid George Floyd fallout

WaEx: Joe Biden refused to address calls for him to pick a woman of color to be his vice president, or to rule out Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar, in the wake of civil unrest due to the police-involved killing of black man George Floyd in Minneapolis this week.

“Look, what we’re talking about today has nothing to do with my running for president or who I’d pick as a vice president,” the former vice president and presumptive Democratic presidential nominee said on MSNBC Friday when asked if renewed scrutiny of Klobuchar’s record has disqualified her from being his running mate.

Liberal activists said this week that under the circumstances, the Minnesota senator should be disqualified from being Biden’s running mate. Some criticized her statement on Floyd’s killing because it did not mention his name or that police officers were responsible. Others pointed to her prosecutorial record as Hennepin County attorney when she declined to bring charges in other police-involved killings.

House Majority Whip James Clyburn of South Carolina, who has voiced support for Biden picking a black woman to be his running mate, said Friday that it was “tough timing” for Klobuchar. read more

11 Comments on Biden resists pressure to commit to woman of color VP pick or rule out Klobuchar amid George Floyd fallout

  1. The fact that he’s not openly committing to a “woman of color” shows he’s really only considering White women.

  2. If he doesn’t pick an American-African colored woman he’s going to lose some of the seven percent of those female voters who make up the solid Plantation Dwellers who helped get him to the place where he is now, which is without enough delegates to win on the first ballot at the Full Catastrophe Convention. Perhaps it doesn’t matter who Dementia Joe picks, because he might not get the nomination after all. Just consider what that could mean if he doesn’t have all those Bernie supporters locked down, or if the Clintons are pulling strings behind the scenes. And now the country is burning with racial hatred. This might be the most exciting political convention since those hot August nights in Chicago in 1968.

  3. Biden is the ultimate sock puppet.
    He’s also a fucking traitor on the level of hillary clinton and obama.


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