Biden Says He Hopes Trump’s Approval Rating Keeps Rising

Reporter Embarrasses Joe Biden with Fact Check During Live Stream.

14 Comments on Biden Says He Hopes Trump’s Approval Rating Keeps Rising

  1. Pedo Joe has apparently grabbed the wrong woman’s nether region. This story has been out there since 93 but has been actively squashed by the Demonrats until today.

    Looks like even they know the senile pervert is toast. They have a real issue now with Bernard refusing to quit. The can’t leapfrog Bernard without a stink and the latest revelations may cut off Hillezibub from Biden’s VP slot due to the me too flavor of his perversions. Delicious, the Lizard Queen will still prevail, after Joey withdrawals because of his penis (pun intended) a woman will be the only choice to redeem the parties reputation. She will then Arkancide Bernard because that satanic bitch will not be denied.

    Simple Joey will quit by Easter.

  2. Come on, man! Can’t anyone else see through this charade? Joe Obiden Bama is doing a head fake, pretending to be an incoherent, mentally incompetent old geezer. When he gets on that debate stage with President Obama, he’s going to wipe the tar out of the lying, dog-faced, articulate, clean, Kenyan and his running mate, Sarah Palin.

  3. I’ve said it before and still pretty much feel the same (though with a little less confidence): I don’t think the actual candidate they will choose is on the scene in public view yet.

    But if I’m wrong it wouldn’t be the first time, and I’m most certainly no political expert.

  4. Lets hope the accusation gets legs, Biden makes it to the dabate with Trump, and the Biden grab is the 24 hour news cycle. Trump goes on stage wearing the classic pink pussey hat.

  5. Tctsunami: You are hereby officially invited to the Inauguration in a year or two in January or March at the Sunny Day Lost Memory Recovery Clinic.

  6. At this point, the Trump campaign can fire their media buying service and just rely on Biden interviews and Trump’s in-person rallies whenever they resume.

  7. I hope the dam is about to break and a parade of women, girls, boys and farm animals are about to get in on the me-too-Joe sex assault accusation game.


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