Biden Says He Was Vice President ‘For 36 Years

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Democrat President Joe Biden stated on Wednesday that he was Vice President of the United States “for 36 years,” and that he took the Amtrak home “every day” to see his family after they were killed in a drunk driving accident in 1972.

Biden made the remarks during a trip to Scranton, Pennsylvania to pitch his failing economic agenda to the general public. Scranton is where Biden was born, and has been a recurring locale for the former Democrat Vice president to return to for media photo ops. Unfortunately, it does not appear that Biden’s words will reverse his flagging approval ratings. MORE

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  1. He’s Scranton’s “Special” Son and teller of tall tales, home for the dedication of the Resident F. Joe Biden Municipal Sludge Lagoons and Water Park.

    I voted 9 times for a man with both good brain and morals. IMHO the best Gov Cal ever had and America’s best President!


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