Biden Says He Would Use F-15s Against Americans on American Soil – IOTW Report

Biden Says He Would Use F-15s Against Americans on American Soil

43 Comments on Biden Says He Would Use F-15s Against Americans on American Soil

  1. Do old communists like him ever even think about how they have very few days left before they meet their maker?
    It’s something I’ve always wondered about because I just can’t comprehend how they’re willing to go to hell.

  2. Captain Dumb Fucks going to use F15’s on American soil? Gonna be a lot of collateral damage. Those things aren’t exactly discrete. If you listen to that moron he thinks he is America. Sorry Captain Pedo, fuck you. We don’t hate America. We hate YOU. We love America.

  3. Brave words from FJB. He thinks the entire military will fight for him. Like the general public from which it comes, I think at least half of the military would not lift a finger for that dumb turd. They will leave the forces.

    A civil war is to be avoided if at all possible. A big danger to America is that if we are fighting each other, foreign powers might take advantage and try to pick off chucks of our territory. China, Mexico, are capable of trying this. The Natives may get restless and try to grab some of their lost territory and declare independence….encouraged by Mexico and China.

    It could become a 3-way scrum like China in the 1930’s – a war amongst Japan, Communists, and Nationalists. All fighting over the same land mass.

    But if we must duke it out with liberals, we have a good chance of winning. Without conservatives and patriots, US forces will lack guts and backbone

  4. I don’t think he has a cognitive thought about the true feelings that the real F-15 pilots have for him or any cognitive thoughts for that matter….

  5. We must remember that the scum of the earth will try to take over humanity to usher in the new world order. The scum of the earth doesn’t know that the green horse in Revelation only takes over one forth of the earth so the demoncrats will try, but fail, to take over our great nation. God Bless our nation and fuck all the demoncrats and RINO’s trying to destroy us.

  6. Threats like this mean the govt doesn’t represent everyone. That makes his admin defacto ill-legit.

    Got a question for ya, buddy. How you going to use F-15s against a people that live with your zombies? How you going to hit Apt 201 and not 202.

    The left is crazy. I want a divorce before things get violent. Just stating my wishes, not expecting them.

    Anyone who gives up their guns can go first on the trains to nowhere.

  7. “More, your a piss ant boy!”

    Wow, you’re to stupid to even insult people here. Look back on your comments dip shit. Nobody knows who’s side you’re on. And you’re going to explain what to us? You need a keeper. Someone to watch over your retarded ass.

  8. Completely unconstitutional to use the military on American soil – especially against your own people.

    But when has that stopped the demoncrats?

    This threat is treasonous and executions for this admin are on the table if he pulls that trigger.

  9. “No I am only calling you out! You support a morally corrupt person, go down with the sinkin ship loser.”

    Dang, I was afraid of that. Now I’m afraid. We should meet face to face so we can talk this out. Wada ya say?

  10. Ever notice how anyone without testicles will often present themselves as ‘anonymous’????

    It’s because they don’t have the balls to stand face to face with their adversaries.

  11. So Turnip Joe has never heard of guerrilla warfare before. Friggin’ useless retard just keeps poking the bear. FJB

  12. Are you afraid to type his name, Anonymous?

    Your cult leader is Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. Usually known as Joetato.

  13. Yep, got their ass kicked here, time to move on and get it kicked again. You’re an ignorant bitch. Go watch cartoons.

  14. Evil men don’t see Hell as a justified punishment for their horrendous sinful actions. They consider Hell the ultimate power base where they can rule uninhibited. That is an absolute lie from Satan.

    Evil men who have blatantly refused to know God, are rebellious, unrepentant and vile will suffer unimaginable torment in Hell. They mock Christ’s sacrifice e made on their behalf and the subsequent ministry of the th Holy Spirit, which is blasphemy.

    The delusion – “Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven” – Milton, Paradise Lost that drove them to commit atrocities on Earth, will evaporate as the reality of endless torture immediately sets in.
    Many evil people like *Joe are destined to get what they deserve for eternity – justice will be served.

  15. 99th

    God I hope so. Having raised a daughter, and now having a 4 month old Grand daughter, I’m have a hard time getting passed what this POS did to his daughter. To me this is a bigger story than Hunter. Well except for the fact that all fed LE tried to cover it up. These people are truly the manifestation of evil and need to pay a price.

  16. When joe/Obama gets threw with this country there won’t be any fuel or ammo for the f15s. Shutting down oil production and sending all the ammo to Ukraine how is he going to kill Americans

  17. This sick evil bastard is serious. He’d have no problem nuking The United States. Doesn’t matter to him who dies. All that matters is America, still the greatest representation of freedom and liberty is wiped off the face of the Earth.

    *Joe, (if he doesn’t experience a Deep State final solution or permanently “ages out”) and his cohorts would just bunker in some European enclave, turning the European Union into their governing body and start turf wars with Russia and China.

  18. I think Merrick Garland just drew the line. He has distributed a memo banning DOJ or FBI personnel from talking with Congress. That’s against the law and the spirit of Whistle Blower legislation. Dude never struck me as much of a man. I think their ship is sinking fast.

  19. “Hey Big Fur Ass hat we got your loser boy big big time & thats what counts!”

    That’s funny, dude can’t spell. I bet he can’t count either.

  20. Brad, Congratulations on the new grandchild. How wonderful! Such a blessing.
    As an excellent father/patriarch I’m sure you are, trust God for your family – their protection, health and continued prosperity. God will honor your faithfulness. He’s proven through Christ he loves you and yours.

    Dont worry. The Holy Bible guarantees the *Joes of the world never escape justice. He abused his family and will be held accountable by God. His wrath is worse than any punishment man can provide.
    Besides, What does Heaven need with the likes of *Joe. He’s Satan’s tool. He’ll pay.

  21. Read the AT article of 4 or 5 years ago. This started 32 years ago with 2 Ronny hating Presidents named George. Their #1 priority in making Captns and Cols to Adms and Gens was, “Do you hate Ronny enough to kill Americans!”!
    2 well know Gens Bush promoted based on Ronny hate are: Austin – Milley.

    If you think GWB no longer hates Ronny read his 9/11/21 speech!

  22. Joe Biden is America’s lowlife-squatter. The rambling stumbling slob couldn’t do as much as win an election fair and square and is better off chasing his clacking fake teeth across the floor.

  23. Dear Pedo,

    Your threats are as empty as your head. We don’t need more than a gun you total ass clown, we have 150 million guns. Come and take them kid fucker….

  24. Is Brad hallucinating? Or am I late to the party? Happy birthday to my brother. (Those paying attention will know who I mean)

  25. Part of the plan is to provoke Trump supporters and conservatives to do something violent.
    We’re not stupid like the puppets in antifa.

  26. In my 32 years…..
    in military and civilian aviation…..
    I have observed more…..
    conservative pilots than liberal pilots…..

    It had something to do with…..ability not quotas.

    BTW…..using or even threatening to use F15’s (2x) and/or nukes against your civilian population…. might have “Unintended Consequences.”

  27. In Obama’s first two terms, military personnel were trained/desensitized in the killing of civilians. There were training exercises that involved helicopter gunships flying low over cities, in a show of force.

    They spent eight years trying to goad us into violence, but we held firm. They finally had to stage Jan. 6, but that fizzled.

    Now, in Obama’s third term, the plan is still there. They desperately need a violent, genuine insurrection to justify the fascist/stalinist clampdown they have been dreaming of since McGovern. What will the trigger be that finally sends us over the precipice? Trump arrested? Disenfranchisement? Gun seizures? Food and/or fuel prices and/or scarcity? Church closures?

    If none of those work, they can always default to terrorism and war to justify martial law.

    I used to think that our local leaders, could protect us. I can see that in Florida, and a couple of other states, and some counties and cities, at least in the short term.

    I am deeply ashamed of the Utah State Republican leadership and Gov. Spencer “Karen” Cox. There will be no help there. There are far more establishment nevertrumpers than there are upstanding deplorables in Republican leadership nationwide.

    They prefer influence peddling to leadership. They savor the role of loyal opposition. Their “nobility” absolves them from doing what needs to be done. Every time we thrust them into leadership, they squander it, then sabotage the process to run back to their comfortable, quiet place at the trough.


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