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Biden says he’s ‘not concerned’ about US recession

He wasn’t concerned about shitting himself in the UK, either.

Insider Paper-

President Joe Biden said Thursday he does not think the US economy will enter a recession, despite the release of government data showing GDP shrunk in the first quarter of 2022.

“I’m not concerned about a recession,” Biden told reporters, pointing to jumps in consumer and business spending as well as low unemployment as bolstering his case that the economy is in good shape.

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  1. “Biden says he’s ‘not concerned’ about US recession”

    …why SHOULD he be?

    It’s not like it’s going to affect anyone HE knows or cares about…

  2. If you subtract the printed/borrowed money spending from our GDP, we’ve been in a recession since COVID began, at least.

  3. Says the man who breastfed off Uncle Same and commuted on Amtrak at taxpayers’ expense his entire life!

    Besides, the Big Guy’s 10% from pillaging The Ukraine is not affected.

  4. Biden says he’s ‘not concerned’ about US recession sez Jackass Joe as he talks into the TV Remote held up to his ear!

  5. He just might remember that it’s Tuesday and Wimpy owes him for last weeks hamburger….Maybe???…

  6. Nor does Biden have concerns for the Millions of citizens struggling because of his words, actions and failing Marxist policies.

  7. economics not a problem for useless gubmint d-suckers getting 100% taxpayer-funded salary/retirement/medical & “fully-automatic” armed-security 24/7

  8. We could be in a full scale depression and the press would try to cover for Biden. The media talked us INTO a recession during W’s administration.

  9. Rough times ahead, going to be a depression not just a recession.
    All hell’s going to break loose in blue cities.
    It’s a feature not a bug.

  10. So, How is Burisma & its board doing these days?

    plus I’m sure the Demos & Mittens Kid are all getting their cuts on all the “Krain” Aid

  11. He’s not concerned about a recession, only buying more votes through a Student Loan “forgiveness” program that will cost taxpayers Billions of more bucks we can’t afford …

  12. Even among his past and present colleagues Joe Biden is a known stupid “man” (term used loosely) and doesn’t care about anything or anyone unless a thing benefits himself and putrid pondskum family.

  13. In his many hours of spare time between naps, Joe Biteme is writing a book: “How NOT To Win Friends And Influence People”.

    Jimmy Carter has already written the forward. Had to before he punches his ticket to Hell.

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