Biden Says He’s ‘Proud’ of Son’s Ukraine Judgment Hours After Hunter Admits ‘Poor Judgment’


Former vice president Joe Biden defended his son Hunter Biden’s decision to take a lucrative post on a the board of a Ukrainian gas company just hours after the younger Biden characterized the decision as “poor judgment.”

During Tuesday’s Democratic primary debate, Biden said that his son “did nothing wrong” and that he is “proud of the judgment” he made.

In an interview with ABC News that aired Tuesday morning, however, Hunter Biden appeared to admit that his decision to join the board of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma while his father was serving as vice president was “poor judgment.” more

11 Comments on Biden Says He’s ‘Proud’ of Son’s Ukraine Judgment Hours After Hunter Admits ‘Poor Judgment’

  1. I reckon Ol’ Scratch is pretty frustrated that this is all he has to work with; they can’t even get their lies straight.

  2. I think he is also proud that his son can still stand after snorting 5 lines off of a hookers chest and still get the rental car back on time.

  3. Too bad Joe is so dense, a decent man would be home furiously hacking his own nuts off for producing that slug he has for a son.

  4. Of course Joe is proud. Hunter has learned how to leverage political connections into major money. What dad wouldn’t be proud of his son learning how to run the family business?

  5. has hunter biden ever been to Ukraine? I think he hasn’t. Nice set up- no wonder daddy is proud. I’m impressed- having someone clandestinely mail you $50K-$85K checks every month for doing nothing.

  6. Just Crazy Joe being Crazy Joe! Why would any sane person expect him to act any differently?

  7. Which means that Joe showed bad judgment in praising Hunter’s good judgment when Hunter self-admittedly showed bad judgment. That family’s f*cked up.

    By the way, has Hunter ever showed good judgment? Rehab? Amtrak? Burisma? China? Marrying your brother’s widow? Hunter has certainly benefitted from being a member of the lucky sperm club, but that takes no judgment at all.

  8. If they can place any of these low life’s into the WH I see no reason a rotten sack of potatoes couldn’t do the same. They give dirt bags a bad name.

  9. How does Crazy Joe feel about Hunter dumping his wife and abandoning his grandkids so he can screw and then cheat on St. Beau Biden’s widow?

    Can someone ask that or is Chuck Todd going to white knight the issue as being too depraved unlike circulating rumors of adulterous golden showers for example.


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