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Biden SCANDAL – “Hot Mic” Catches A Top Official!

The “hot mess” administration had one of its officials caught on a hot mic making a disturbing admission.

American Pigeon reports that Jake Sullivan, national security adviser to President Joe Biden, unintentionally disclosed that the US government is using tax dollars to pay for the maintenance of Russian yachts that have been seized by federal authorities as part of the ongoing “Operation Kleptocapture.”

This loose-lip moment was caught on a “Hot Mic” during an event at the Center for New American Security (CNAS).

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18 Comments on Biden SCANDAL – “Hot Mic” Catches A Top Official!

  1. Our tax dollars are in a well that they dip into when they feel the need. What they spend it on doesn’t surprise me anymore. Remember the treadmill for shrimp?

  2. Well, let’s just go commandeer one in the name of us taxpayers and take it out for a spin! It’s pot luck – so bring something good.

  3. More proof that this administration of ignoranuses has no fuking idea of the law or what they’re doing!
    Jackass Joe ona bicycle! I doubt they can pick their noses without damaging themselves!!

  4. I wonder which Senator’s brother has the yacht cleaning and maintenance contract with the government. Or did that no-bid contract go directly to a Chinese company. Either way, The Big Guy’s getting his 10%.

  5. How the flying FUBAR is this legal to steal Russian citizens property? They didnt start the Ukrainian war. This is like the Un-American asset forfeiture stealing which is an abomination that the Supremes should stop next.

    P.S. Hey Pootin..your Army is being destroyed so guess who is going to waltz over your southern border and take over the Russian Motherland…idiot.

  6. @TRF
    There is no brain up in there.
    They can dig all the way to the back of their skull and not disturb a damn thing.

  7. Remind me the last time a “bombshell” or a “scandal” put a criminal in jail. One of the DC criminals.

    I’ll just wait over here.

  8. That’s what happens when the government screws over the taxpayer. Wake up losers.

  9. Your Tax Dollars at work.
    Sell the Yachts seized by federal authorities.

    Hunter can do it, he’s familiar with the Russian Oligarchs.
    He’s been well paid, as well as, the big guy !
    Like his dad, he stays bought, for a price.

  10. “Hot Mic” Catches A Top Official!”

    All that means it some liberal, commie democrat just got his badge of honor.

  11. Remember when Trump said he could kill someone in Times Square and still be popular? Well, for Trump, we know that wouldn’t have been true. But for Joe, it isn’t hyperbole to say there’s nothing, no scandal, that can bring him down.

  12. It would be an act of war to allow them to fall into disrepair. Not to seize them, mind you, but to allow excessive depreciation.

  13. Now if the government would go through that much trouble when they cease an American citizen’s property through some bogus civil forfeiture operation.

  14. The yachts should be given to yacht-underrepresented minority communities as an act of restorative Justice.


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