Biden, Schumer rank at the bottom

Just The News: In a warning sign for Joe Biden, the former vice president finished near the bottom of a survey of American voters looking at which Democratic leaders have shown leadership during the coronavirus pandemic, according to the Just the News Daily Poll with Scott Rasmussen. READ MORE

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  1. @Vietvet – In most of the polls I’ve seen, the pollsters fail to include NOTA as an option. I pisses me off to have to answer “Not Sure” as the closest thing even though I’m mighty damned sure that all of the offered poll options suck out loud.

    If I could, I’d give all those dems negative leadership scores.

  2. I wonder if the guy that won the poll can beat Trump45……

    to tell the truth I didn’t know “Not Sure” was a DEMocRAT…..

    I did know he worked for “President Camacho” and was the smartest man on Earth.

  3. Progressive politicians don’t look at this the way middle America is looking at it.

    They are opportunistic parasites looking to exploit this crisis and the American public sees right through their fake concern… for once.

    While America is withering on the vine, these Bozo’s are still angling for a way to gain politically from it.

  4. ● 30% Governor Andrew Cuomo
    ● 12% Governor Gavin Newsom
    ● 9% Senator Bernie Sanders
    ● 7% House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
    ● 6% Former Vice President Joe Biden
    ● 2% Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer

    @JDHasty — I think they’re all Bozos on that bus.

  5. The biggest winner in the Demscum leadership poll…
    Somebody named None Of The Above had 34% of the total,
    Rasmussen did mot provide the news Dimwits wanted to hear,
    Their own potty thinks they are scum,
    Nasty Nazi got a whopping 2% approval rating, Worthless Beach!

  6. ^^^^ From your one trip to the store, Trump is the enemy?

    Got it. Guess we raise the white flag. Thx for heads-up.

  7. Once upon a “time” in “America” (!), I “got” “lost” on the “way” to the Good” “Comrades Meeting. I “took” a “shortcut” through “the” woods, and in “great” “American” “(!)” “fashion,” I “saw” a “bear” “shit.”

    As only the “very” “best” “American” “bears” do! Should the “bear” have “shit”? Do the “bears” not have “rights” as they “are” “good” “American” “bears”?

    Who, Citizen, will “enforce” the “laws” against the “bears”?

    The “good men” of the Blue Enforcement “Units”? That “you” “pay” to keep the “bears” in “line”?

    NO, Citizen! “They” “work” for “the” bears!” “”‘ The “BEARS” will “EAT” “YOU” and “shit” “you” in the “woods” as “your” “enforcers” “WATCH!”

    Because there “is” no “America” (!). Just the “United States” of the “Two-Sided” “Coin”!

    Where “equal” is the “Gold” “Ring” held ever out of “reach”–but “you” “cling” to “your” “sad” “sorry” “dreams”. The “bear” has “left” me some “fresh” “tasty” “bear” “shit” tasting of piquant “pepper spray” with crunchy chunks of “tiny bells,” and I must go “eat” “it.”

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