Biden Set to Face Hard-Hitting Questions From Character Witness Mika Brzezinski – IOTW Report

Biden Set to Face Hard-Hitting Questions From Character Witness Mika Brzezinski

Washington Free Beacon:

[…] Brzezinski, who has been described by President Donald J. Trump as “dumb as a rock,” also lamented the 2018 resignation of Sen. Al Franken (D., Minn.), dismissing his accuser—who provided photographic evidence of Franken pretending to grope her as she slept—as a “Playboy model who goes on Hannity, who voted for Trump,” and who was primarily motivated by politics. read more

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  1. These are people who lie for a living, are celebrated for lying, are promoted for lying, and wouldn’t have a job unless they lied.

    The death numbers put out by the cdc are a lie, too. They’re counting anyone who dies of anything to be a virus death if that person ‘looked’ like they might have had the virus. A guy can fall over dead of a heart attack right before a doctor’s eyes, and if the guy had a fever or maybe he coughed, they’ll call it a virus death.
    They are on a mission and there isn’t anyone in gov’t who has the balls to stand up against it.
    If they can pull all this stuff, then our ‘revered constitution’ is worthless. And looking to it for protection is futile.

  2. “Trump will cancel the elections!” cried Joe Biden, implying that it would be something on the order of a Nazi tyrant tactic to do such a thing.

    Democrats cancel primary elections in New York a couple of days ago. Democrats applaud the ruling and proclaim it to be common sense.

    There is no upper limit to how disgusted i am by these people. And that the republican party can be led around by the nose by democrat pols and their bootlickers in the media is even more disgusting.

  3. There’s some must not watch T V. Will there be “blood coming out of everywhere” too Mika?

  4. …maybe Hillary and Bill can question him next…it would be about the same thing, credibility-wise…why not, she endorsed him and all…THAT would be some good theatre right THERE, if you could watch Bill’s face as Joe was asked the questions, looking for smirks and nods of recognition, and maybe some lip licking at certain points from both he AND Hillary…

  5. Mika: “What color are your socks?”
    Joey: “Lemme stick my finger up your bum.”

    Mika: “Pleasant as that would be, this is, like, y’know, a serious interview.”
    Joey: “Wanna kiss my sock puppet?”

    Mika: “Your sock puppet?”
    Joey: “Yeah … his name’s Rodney and he lives in my pants.”

    Mika: “You can introduce Rodney later, after the interview.”
    Joey: “But he’s like … itchin … to get a kiss!”

    Mika: “Now, Mr. Vice President, back to the color of your socks …”
    Joey: “Do you shave your pussy?”

    Commercial Break.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Mika’s partisan stupidity calls for Dumb Blonde Jokes (c’mon man, do I have to go everything around here?)
    Did you hear Mika bought a plastic vibrator?
    Chipped her teeth.

    Did you hear that Mika got hauled over for speeding?
    The cop looked at her driver’s license & saw her last name is Polish, looked at her & saw she was blonde so he quietly pulled his dick out & Mika whined ” oh shit, not another breathalyzer test!”

    Why did Mika drown?
    There was a mirror at the bottom of the pool

    And the finale: why does Mika have bruises around her belly button?
    It’s cuz Joe Scarborough is dumb too!

  7. If Beavis and Butthead were semi-coherent, they would pre-record that interview. Gaff Meister B might end up on a tangent about what they did during the Mesozoic period to battle dinosaur disease when the question was asked what he had for breakfast.

  8. Popcorn is ready. Even getting prepped on the questions can’t hide the fact Biden’s mind is gone.

  9. Biden: “I like Mika, her hair smells like my sister’s unmentionables.”

  10. Tim
    MAY 1, 2020 AT 6:56 AM

    “…Joey: “Do you shave your pussy?””

    …alternate outcome…

    Mika: “Well, he’s right over there but he uses his Hollywood privilege to get professionally shaved, and HE’D really like to know about those socks, too…

    Joe: “No, Rodney don’t do husbands, but he REALLY likes it when they have to WATCH…”

  11. Bound to be a XXX classic, “Mika Does ‘Mentia”

  12. Oh yeah, squinty and the meat puppet will be asking important questions like what’s your favorite designer ice cream. Meanwhile Joe will be slack jawed, staring at the camera for 30 seconds before answering ” I used to drive an Ice Cream Truck so I could get the kids to rub my hairy legs”.

  13. Answerman Cooper
    MAY 1, 2020 AT 7:32 AM
    “…Even getting prepped on the questions can’t hide the fact Biden’s mind is gone.”

    …do it DeForest Kelly style, its more fun that way…

  14. Mansfield lovell
    MAY 1, 2020 AT 7:05 AM

    “…And the finale: why does Mika have bruises around her belly button?
    It’s cuz Joe Scarborough is dumb too!”

    …are you sure it wouldn’t be “needle sticks around her belly button”?

    …’cause somehow, I don’t think she “married” Joe for his MANHOOD…

  15. Dementia Joe Obiden Bama looks well rested and well prepared for the hard hitting questions from the female with the long name and the spastic husband. No doubt about it, he’s going all the way to the Full Catastrophe Convention. He’s been cleared. Whatever it is, it’s behind him now. It never happened. Period. Only thing that could derail his moving into the White House is how he’s going to answer all those other questions. That and President Donald J. Trump and his deplorable supporters.

  16. This has been such a bizarre, clown-show election cycle that it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Jackass Joe actually pleaded with President Trump to be his Vice-Vice President (“you know I have experience”) when the RATz kick him to the curb as a totally lost cause!
    I think he’s that desperate.
    I know Jill is!!

  17. Tim @

    Good Interview!

    What Table will you be sitting at for the Washington Press Corp Dinner 2020?

    Mansfield Lovell
    is doing the standup routine and this time it will be Funny!

  18. Feather pillow hard hitting questions.

  19. mika/tricka: what about the dead intern in your husband’s office?

  20. well if it wasn’t debunked before by the ny times it will be now with mika on the case

    mika should first bone up on her boy toy joe and ask him about his dead girlfriend in his old congressional office, just to get things rolling

  21. sure thing! I’ll emcee the dinner for those goddam leftwing filthy hippies.

    first joke will be….
    wanna hear a CHINK Flu joke?


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