Biden Shuts Out Reporters By Disabling Zoom Chat Feature

Fox News

President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team disabled the chat function for reporters on conference Zoom calls, where journalists had been pressing officials to take more questions.

“The Biden transition team appears to have disabled the public chat function on its transition zoom calls, a place where I and others had been routinely complaining to them to take more questions,” incoming Politico White House editor Sam Stein tweeted Wednesday.  More

14 Comments on Biden Shuts Out Reporters By Disabling Zoom Chat Feature

  1. Just another method to keep the fact he can’t answer an.y questions without having something to read from.
    He ain’t got no spontaneous left.

  2. Biden’s probably going to handle the press better than Trump did.

    They lean in his direction in the first place, and I doubt he will be giving them much chance to become hostile to him.

    We’ll be finding out in short order.

  3. Any honest and responsible journalist would log off and refuse to participate in such a farce. Too bad there are so few of those, and none of them were given the login credentials.

  4. What the hell is a, One horse pony?
    His Justice dept. will decide how to proceed.
    = Ignore and put Hunter back on the payroll.

  5. Hey Sam, why don’t you just make shit up from unnamed sources like you did for the last four years? Make them deny your reporting and clarify their positions if they’re going to lock you out. Otherwise, just shut up and print whatever propaganda the Cellar Cabinet feeds you. And get used to the lids.

  6. If Beijing Bei Deng is inaugurated, the press better get used to tightly controlled, limited press “conferences”.

  7. Yup, so what? The press will not contest it. Unlike PDJT, they will all comply. We will continually see that the “news” will be in support of President-Elect Harris (over / under being 1/21)


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