Biden steps in it again, walks back concern about monkeypox; says it’s not comparable to Covid-19 – IOTW Report

Biden steps in it again, walks back concern about monkeypox; says it’s not comparable to Covid-19

BPR: President Joe Biden was evidently premature when he said the recent monkeypox outbreak was something “to be concerned about.”

On Monday, Biden clarified that people are justified in their concern over the monkeypox cases in the United States, as well as other parts of the world, but claimed it is not as scary as the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, some are confused about his statements as he opened the week with a direct contradiction to the advice he provided to the public just a day ago, on Sunday.

During a visit to Osan Air Base in South Korea, the president told reporters the spread of the disease is something that “everybody should be concerned” about and is checking on the possibility of vaccines. There have been six confirmed cases in the United States thus far, in New York and Massachusetts, most notably.

“Advisers haven’t told me the level of exposure yet… but it is something that everybody should be concerned about. It is a concern in the sense that if it were to spread, it would be consequential,” Biden said Sunday.

Then, Monday, during a visit to Tokyo, Biden seemed to walk back his comments from the day before.

“We have had this monkeypox in large numbers in the past. We have vaccines to take care of it,” the president said. more

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  1. From everything I’m reading it’s queers getting it, so they should line right up for the monkey jab.

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  3. Biden steps in it again

    Joey sure seems to step in it an awful lot. I guess that’s because so much of it is conveniently located after it drops right out of his pants.

    Hey Joey! Here’s an idea! Use bicycle clips or wear boots and blouse your cuffs!

  4. So, it is apparently homophobic, therefore illegal in many jurisdictions, to point out that all recent cases outside of Africa have been homosexual and bisexual men who exchanged bodily fluids with other men, or were in close proximity of infected persons for a prolonged period of time.

    Is it safe to assume that Davos will be a super-spreader event?

    Should we avoid Starbucks, musicals and airline flights?

    As with AIDS, the LGBT-ad infinitum/nauseam crowd will not rest until monkeypox spreads to the heterosexual community. Justice Public Health.

  5. Steps to avoid being infected with the sodompox*:

    1. Do not attend gay orgies, GBLTQetc pride parades, fetish raves, or similar gatherings.

    2. Continue performing Step 1 indefinitely.

    * A more accurately descriptive term than “monkeypox”

  6. Good thing Biden said it. If President Trump had downplayed the monkeypox risk, we’d already be in monkeypox lockdown and masks, with a thousand dead and overflowing hospitals.

  7. He’s even more right now than he was then. 🤣

    “Just because some guys decided to go and fuck some monkeys.”

    ~Sam Kinison

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  10. The only reason he’s walking it back is because filthy faggots are responsible for spreading it. They’d run with it if they thought they could fuck over normal people with the new Monkey pox fear mongering.


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