Biden STILL Hasn’t Briefed Top Senators On Syria Airstrike and Dems Are Upset – IOTW Report

Biden STILL Hasn’t Briefed Top Senators On Syria Airstrike and Dems Are Upset

Trending Politics: Neither Joe Biden nor the people running his administration have bothered to brief U.S. Senate leaders on details surrounding the decision to lob missiles into Syria, though many of them claimed that when Donald Trump ordered a couple of strikes during his administration, he was a lawless rogue pining for war and global domination.

Interestingly, while you might expect that Republicans would be the most concerned and angry about being left out in the cold over the decision to strike, Democrats are actually more exercised about it. more

Not only that, there’s a Bipartisan Bill Introduced To Strip Biden Of War Powers.

9 Comments on Biden STILL Hasn’t Briefed Top Senators On Syria Airstrike and Dems Are Upset

  1. The only good thing about MSM & dems lying, hiding, and covering up for this horseshit administration is that cause & effect still takes place.

    The truth will win out.
    Americans know this shit is real.
    Consequences will indeed happen.

  2. Epic spam is right. You got me once, Filey. Shame on you.
    I wish there was a Report Spam button.

  3. Dems are upset

    Maybe, maybe not. They feign emotion as a way of life, so who knows?

    It is more likely than not it is just part of the drama.

  4. “What i don’t realize is if truth bee told how you are now not actually a lot more neatly-liked than you might be right now. You’re so intelligent. You already know thus significantly in the case of this topic, produced me personally consider it from numerous various angles.”

    It’s early morning, coffee isn’t ready yet, so you’ll understand my confusion while skimming comments. First I sounded like SNL Stuart Smalley. Then it morphed into the twisted thinking of Biden or Psaki. Finally I got to the spam poster’s name.

  5. Did everyone not get a “come on, man” that’s top secret stuff text message from Susan Rice?

    It’s all good. Everything the Ghost of Joe Biden does is good. He’s like The Maitlands at the end of Beetlejuice. If everyone gets good grades on their report cards, he’ll breeze through your hair, put Harry Belafonte on the phonograph and we’ll levitate dance to some calypso music as the credits roll.

  6. “Americans know this shit is real.”

    But do they care?

    Probably about as much as the Romans in the stands at the Coliseum did about the degeneration and impending collapse of Rome.


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