Biden – “Teach Cops To Shoot A Person Coming At Them With a Knife in the Leg”

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  1. Here we go again!
    Shoot them in the big toe, shoot them in the pinky, shoot them on the juiciest part of the booty. STFU you dry dusty peanut!

  2. A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a… You know… You know… The thing.

  3. Fertheluvofgaaaawd… Enough of this senile old pervert’s idiotic ramblings already…

    More of Biden’s profound genius on display…

    1. If you try to shoot an attacker in the legs, it’s a much harder target, and many shots will sail past into pedestrians, cars, or houses in the background.

    2. If you’re lucky enough to hit a leg or two, the attacker may still have the momentum and arm strength to kill you with the knife.

    3. If you shred the attacker’s femoral artery, they’re as dead as if you blew their brains out.

    That’s why you always shoot for center of mass.

  4. I know yer not good at numbers Jackass Joe, but you had eight years to convince cops where to shoot criminals. How did that work out?
    And how exactly is a “unarmed person” coming at you with a knife unarmed you IDIOT!! This grinning imbecile doesn’t even have a clue that his anus is in full control of his mouth!

  5. 2 to the chest, 1 to the head and then, if all else fails, 5 to the hips. This is the way..

  6. @AOC,

    Then you have to follow up by shooting off the knife edge, because it can still slicey slicey. 🙂

  7. With a shot gun! A double Barrel Shotgun! That’s what ya do. Ya wave it in the air. that will scare them off.

    Said Joe, the last time he went after AR’s

  8. Aren’t we supposed to shoot through the door?

    So….we just carry a door around with us everywhere.

  9. If someone is coming at me with a knife in their leg, I might just try to stall until they bleed out.

    Biden’s comments are so interesting to parse.

  10. Why don’t they train police to say “Please.” If the police are polite the criminals will certainly stop.

  11. Trump is going to have a good time with this chump. OMG! Trump is going to give us laughs that we’ll never forget. Let’s get this show rolling!

  12. Joe Biden – Subject Matter Expert on exactly ……… nothing

    (except maybe the smell of children’s hair)

  13. Did you all see Trump tonight? He ripped democrat governors and mayors a new one saying if your cops can’t or won’t, we will. Now.

    Then they cleared Lafayette park. And Trump strode our of the White House, out of the north gate and across the park, defiled with Graffiti and garbage discarded by leftist scum.

    And to historical St John’s church, a centuries old chapel of Presidents, sadly episcopal, but it was torched by Satan’s handmaidens

    Trump owned the moment. It was awesome.

  14. It takes more skill to shoot them dead center between the eyes, but thanks anyway Joe.

  15. Maybe if cops shooting attackers in the leg was such a great idea, Slow Joe could have introduced legislation sometime during his 80 years in the senate.

  16. How about cops shoot off the trigger finger of armed criminals. That would make us even better… or or, even better, shoot down the barrel of criminal guns rendering them useless and then peacefully put handcuffs on the criminal. Then put him in timeout for 10 seconds with no CNN before releasing and call it a great job.

  17. “Teach a cop to fish & he’ll have something to do while I skinny dip” ~ Joe Biden

    … true quote …. really!

    what? you don’t think the cranial-incapacitated individual could utter this statement?

  18. hey … that could be a good daily feature …

    ‘Deep Utterances … for the cranially-incapacitated’ ~ by Joe Biden

  19. Joe, you ignorant twat.

    My scoped rifle is for antifa threatening my neighbor down the street with a Molotov Cocktail.

    My shotguns (with an M-9 bayonet attached) is to repel scum and thugs near my house.

    My pistols are to end the threat from anyone trying to get too close to me with a brick.

    I shoot to end the threat from rioters and I am in the suburbs. Don’t come out this way…

  20. My God, I hesitate to say this but this asshole is worse than Canada’s claim to infamy, Justin Trudeau and that is saying something!
    Everyday I become more convinced that Biden is just cannon fodder until the real candidate comes forward. I’m not even sure he realizes this.

  21. …you have to understand that Joe doesn’t really know anything about guns because Joe doesn’t HAVE to.

    That’s because Joe has had taxpayer-funded armed security since before Jimi Hendrix died, so little things like self-defense aren’t really a concern of his…

  22. Anyone notice this senile idiot walk in in circles, turning his back to an audience he forgot was there, shuffling his feet and constantly touching his face while uttering genuine frontier gibberish?

    Do you actually think he will be the nominee? He was selected because the Demonrat establishment wants him to make an utter fool of himself so Hillezibub will appear brilliant when she sweeps in on her broom.

  23. How about shooting them in the crotch instead? If they survive, they likely won’t be able to reproduce…

  24. How about teaching people not to charge police while holding weapons? Nah. That’s a violation of the Constitution, remember “Fourscore and seven years”, you know how it goes.

  25. 47 years ago we had a rich dumb kid in the American Senate. Now we have a rich old man running forPresident; and he is just as dumb as he was in 1973!

    Shows whatI know. I said in ’74 “you can never be a dumb as Joe!” but he is still dumb! Hard for me to take.


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