Biden Tells Stories

Jill Biden doesn’t love her husband. If she did, he would be safe at home eating meatballs with a safety spoon instead of making a fool of himself in public.

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    If Biden gets the nomination, Trump should run this as a campaign ad.

    Well done Chatsworth Osborne Jr.

  2. Somebody needs to do a long form interview with Joe Biden and Brian Williams. Oh, the stories they would tell each other.

  3. It’s sad that not one of the crazy Ds families loves them enough to take them to a home where they can be looked after and enjoy the last years of their lives. They need help, but their loved ones love themselves and what they can gain in power and money more than the welfare of their poor deluded money bags.

    I’m thinking that Biden, along with Pelosy, Maxine, Schumer, etc. just don’t have anyone who really cares about them. How sad.

    I’m sure that I forgot some.

  4. there’s a whole bunch of political class loons that should be put out to pasture but refuse to leave the barn

    not how I’d want to spend my golden years but I didn’t sell my soul…

  5. My favorite Biden stories are the ones that invoke Beau.

    Lawdy, Saint Beau! The one who can’t embarrass me anymore.

    I had a running series called The Continuing Adventures of The Ghost of Beau Biden. It’s highly adaptable since his spirit still speaks and imbues Joe with the will to fight for every liberal cause in the book.

    Words he may have never spoke can be attributed retroactively and given the solemnity of his canon.

    And if a man still dwells in the hearts and minds of the living, is he truly ever dead?

    Well, yea. But not in Beau’s case!


  6. I just finished reading the James Thurber short story about Walter Mitty. Published in 1939. Available on the New Yorker website. Yup. That’s pretty much Joe Biden!Living a fantasy life in his own little world where he is always the hero who saves the day.Remember reading it in High School. Pretty funny.


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