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Biden Tests Positive For COVID-19, Has ‘Mild Symptoms’


WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden tested positive for COVID-19 on Thursday, underscoring the persistence of the highly contagious virus as new variants challenge the nation’s efforts to resume normalcy after two and a half years of pandemic disruptions.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said that Biden was experiencing “mild symptoms” and has begun taking Paxlovid, an antiviral drug designed to reduce the severity of the disease.

She said Biden “will isolate at the White House and will continue to carry out all of his duties fully during that time. He has been in contact with members of the White House staff by phone this morning, and will participate in his planned meetings at the White House this morning via phone and Zoom from the residence.”

Biden, 79, is fully vaccinated, after getting two doses of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine shortly before taking office, a first booster shot in September and an additional dose March 30.

Up to this point, Biden’s ability to avoid the virus seemed to defy the odds, even with the testing procedures in place for those expected to be in close contact with him. Prior waves of the virus swept through Washington’s political class, infecting Vice President Kamala Harris, Cabinet members, White House staffers and lawmakers. Biden has increasingly stepped up his travel schedule and resumed holding large indoor events where not everyone is tested.

Top White House officials in recent months have been matter-of-fact about the likelihood of the president getting COVID, a measure of how engrained the virus has become in society — and of its diminished threat for those who are up to date on their vaccinations and with access to treatments.

When administered within five days of symptoms appearing, Paxlovid, produced by drugmaker Pfizer, has been proven to bring about a 90% reduction in hospitalizations and deaths among patients most likely to get severe disease.


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  1. Misery loves company you miserable old fuck! my wife has it for the 2nd time since getting the “vaccine” & “boosters” – she got suckered by Mickey Mauci, but I haven’t been I have all the symptoms, but my first test was negative – my kids are sick too – here’s hoping you die as horribly as you tried to kill me the first time with it – how’s that imaginary shot you took on TV working – kiss Mickey Mauci’s magical ass & maybe he’ll give you a real cure!

  2. “carry out all of his duties fully”


    I’m 30 years younger and was down with zero energy for 12 days (with mild symptoms), there’s no frickin way this sack of shit is going to do a thing.

    At least we know where he’s been when the reporters asked and heard, “he’s been very busy.” It was another line of BS LIES.

  3. He was out for almost 3 days with no comment before that disastrous performance yesterday and his cancer line they now have to clean up. They need to take him off the stage, what better way then a positive test.

    The wheels are falling off – how long can they keep him in public in this kind of shape.

  4. Great timing, Joe! Right before the midterms. More masks! Social distancing! Drop boxes! Quadruple boosters! Lockdowns! Vans full of votes! Ballot harvesting! Essential businesses only! C’mon, man! And by all means, open those borders and let the ‘migrants’ vote!

  5. I call bullshit. Politicians get the coof when they’ve stepped on their dicks and/or don’t want to talk to the press. It’s a twofer. They avoid having to appear or answer questions and the danger of COVID is kept alive.

  6. Good Luck Sundowner/s. My wife died from covid and comorbidities. I felt weak as an antifa protester for about two weeks. That was ten months ago. If I feel like I need a shot, I’ll pour my own. FJB

  7. Fully “vaccinated” and boosted but still got the bug?
    Absolute proof that the purported “vaccine” is NOT an immunization.

    These lying shitweasels need to be put to death – real death – not some CoVid bullshit.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  8. This is the perfect opportunity for the Deep State to knock off Bidet and get the sheep super scared for the MidTerms.

  9. I don’t believe any of it — just a pack of lies, like pretending to be sick to stay home from school.
    He probably took many Alzheimers meds, and now has to recover from ‘that.’

  10. This happened after visiting Massachusetts. Elizabeth Warren wasn’t happy with Joe. He’s not killing babies fast enough for her so she had him infected.

  11. And so it’s back to the basement for Joey until after the midterms. And I guess he won’t be campaigning for Democrats this election cycle (much to their relief).

  12. Why wasn’t he immediately sent to a nursing home and put on a ventilator? That was the usual government supported medical process for old people in the past!

  13. Maybe Joe needs to rest up and the covid call is a good way to cover a rest up spell. I don’t trust the rats to tell anything that is true.

  14. Neurosyphilis acting up again.

    “Symptoms usually affect the nervous system. Depending on the form of neurosyphilis, symptoms may include any of the following:

    Abnormal walk (gait), or unable to walk
    Numbness in the toes, feet, or legs
    Problems with thinking, such as confusion or poor concentration
    Mental problems, such as depression or irritability
    Headache, seizures, or stiff neck
    Loss of bladder control (incontinence)
    Tremors, or weakness
    Visual problems, even blindness”

    …but sure, blame Coof, gotta keep the fear going…

  15. Lil Tim – FDT I know first hand just you love telling stories. Too bad they’re all fake, Putin taught you well. But lets hope Donny gets it again & just drops focking dead. After all it’s his vaccines.

  16. You sound mad, Betty. What’s the matter? You’re old groper Joe having another really bad week? Maybe he got the coof fist-bumping the sheik. Anyway, carry on with your day-drinking.

  17. Awww boo hoo little boy, you can cry right here on your mommy’s shoulder. Should of told mommy your diaper is dirty too. You mean groper donny boy who loves given it a good ole squeeze.

  18. That’s because all those shots Biden took were not a vaccine–they were therapeutics. If he truly took a “vaccine” he would not have COVID.

  19. Racer X
    JULY 21, 2022 AT 2:20 PM
    “That’s because all those shots Biden took were not a vaccine–they were therapeutics.”

    …all those shots the Democrat honchos get so publicly are saline, nothing more.

    That’s why none of them are dead.

  20. “Never waste an opportunity.” Here’s there chance to sideline old Joe, Put Kamala in and if they were smart change there policies. It won’t happen because they (the libs, Joe’s handlers and Democrat politicians) think they are Doing the right, smart thing already. It’s a nice thought though. Therefore the Dems are boned.


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