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Biden Thinks The President Should Attend His Inaugural


President-elect Joe Biden hopes that President Donald Trump will attend his upcoming inauguration ceremony to “demonstrate the end” of post-election “chaos,” while insisting that the president’s decision is “of no personal consequence” to him.

Biden made the remarks while being interviewed alongside Vice President-elect Kamala Harris by CNN’s Jake Tapper on Thursday. Trump has not indicated whether he will attend the inauguration and has instead continued to refuse to concede, while promoting evidence-free conspiracy theories that Biden’s seemingly decisive victory was built on massive unsubstantiated voter fraud. More

I’d only commit to attending Biden’s trial. – Dr. Tar

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  1. I agree. With some Decent FBI guys, a pair of handcuffs for Joe, and an Attorney General willing to prosecute the scumbag.

  2. I don’t speak for the president, but I look forward to dancing on Biden’s grave. Who knows about the Jan 20 event.

  3. The color revolution is still in full effect. A real potential problem for our side is A LOT of people are not informed on what’s really taking place with the fraud. MSM is continuing to try and sell that Biden won this fair and square and Trump has no proof. Including a lot of Trump voters. I ran into a couple of them at the gym this morning that had no clue. So when Trump does either win thru the courts, or decides he has what he needs to call for the Insurrection act, the media will try and sell that Biden has been cheated. Either way Trump wins there’s a potential for some off the hook violence. Plan accordingly.

  4. I am still disturbed by the bloboama state of the union where he browbeat John Roberts whom was sitting in the front row and cameras were panning his face.
    Acts of good will are a mistake

  5. Subpoenas ready for delivery as soon as Biden is sworn in…Trump and his children, except for Baron who will be saved by Child Services. Democrats are meaner than you and are insane enough to party over the destruction of the Trump voters…then , what to do about his Cult followers..?

  6. I just watched Inside Edition trash Melissa Carone, calling her eyewitness testimony “baseless” and mocking her hairstyle and appearance. They did not bother to mention what she testified to, or that she was under oath. No, that would be news, and US media doesn’t do that. It might be hate speech to tell the truth.

  7. Does anyone know anybody who is or was all in on Biden? I’m not talking about the “he’s not Trump” crowd – I mean someone who really likes Biden and what he supposedly brings to the table.

    The Democrats believe they are in for a four year crap-fest if Biden is inaugurated. For four years they promoted a culture where it is o.k. to hate a President and refuse to accord him any respect. For four years leading Democrats have refused to recognize Donald Trump as the President of the United States. For the last year or so, Democrats have sanctioned violent riots which resulted in enormous damage to property and injury to individuals. Most people think the MSM is nothing but a joke – not fit to report on anything except celebrity scandals and divorces. And in two years, Americans will once again vote to elect members of Congress, and it seems likely that the Democrats will take an electoral beating in 2022 – particularly since Biden’s coat tails proved toxic in 2020. These are circumstances that are completely caused by liberals and Democrats.

    Biden is a milque-toast nobody who has done little of note in 50 years of public office. Despite what Biden said in the interview, whoever is telling Biden what to say knows, with absolute certainty, that Biden needs Donald Trump at the inauguration. At least half the country thinks Biden stole the election, and more than half the country thinks Biden is incompetent. If Trump has to leave the White House, he will do so voluntarily; but I don’t believe that he should impliedly sanction this election and the Democrat’s efforts to at least look at voter fraud by showing up at Biden’s inauguration. This is the culture completely created by Democrats, and now they have to live with it.

  8. POTUS wanted a fair election and that clearly didn’t happen so I don’t give a flying f#$% what Biden wants or thinks is best for the country. I hope I never have to see the Biden inauguration and I’m sure the media will hide the lack of crowd. If Trump is forced out he should make that date the day he announces a new political party. The Republican Party should be demanding we get to the bottom of all this election fraud which would force the media to cover it. Instead they stay silent and pass bills that bring in more foreign workers and keep section 230. They think they are going to get Trump out and blame him if they get the 2 senate seats and end Trumpism. Time to take it up a notch and dust the losers.

  9. Buyden is comprised of not ONE molecule that isn’t SHIT. There is NOTHING decent in him.

    If he wants to envision “post-election chaos”, then he can put his head down and keep plowing his sinful ways, despite the fact that many Americans are well aware of the fraudulent election we just witnessed.

    Joey has lived the life of Riley despite being a despicable liar his entire life. But when he gets his due, and he will, it will be Historic. And all those who enabled him will be consumed in those flames with him. He’s always been a tool of the Devil and he will lead his mice to Hell.

    If he possessed within him ANY doubts, any contrition, he would be fervently PRAYING on his knees that he is NOT on that podium, stupidly trying to grab that Office that was never earned (despite his lifelong lust for it).

    But I don’t believe there is ANY decency in him. So I expect an EPIC beatdown from the heavens.

    President Trump wherever he is that day, will be among friends.
    If God in his mercy decides another way, Trump will be inaugurated, and Biden will recede to a rocking chair mumbling to himself, by himself.

  10. At the end of the article are links to more breaking news:
    ‘Joe Biden Has Gained Over 8 Million Twitter Followers Since Election Day’
    ‘Donald Trump Has Lost More than 200,000 Twitter Followers since Election’
    Wow, that sounds like Joe is so much more popular than Donald…

    So, I looked up their accounts:
    Joe Biden has 20.5 million followers –8 million of whom only heard of him a month ago.
    Donald Trump has 88.7 million followers –200,000 of whom got discouraged about the fraud and quit twitter.

  11. Hey Hey Stealin’ Joe has got to go!
    Hey Hey Stealin’ Joe has got to go!
    Hey Hey only Kameltoe continues to crow!

    Hey Hey Trump voters are in the know
    Hey Hey Stolen votes and elections did show
    Hey Hey President Trump is stil in the glow.

    (Sorry I’m a bad poet but this is what should be chanted at President Trump’s


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