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Biden To Accept Nomination From His Basement


Former Vice President Joe Biden will not travel to Wisconsin to accept the Democratic U.S. presidential nomination during the party’s national convention this month because of coronavirus concerns, party officials said on Wednesday.

The decision to pull Biden and other speakers from Milwaukee, where Democrats had once planned to hold a multiday nominating convention in person, ensures the event from Aug. 17-20 will be almost entirely virtual. Biden will accept the nomination and deliver a national address from his home state of Delaware, the Democratic Party said. More

24 Comments on Biden To Accept Nomination From His Basement

  1. They must have chickened out because the police aren’t going to protect them from their mobs in Milwaukee.

  2. What an appropriate place to start his campaign from, because that is where he will end up as well.

  3. Win-win-win for dems. They keep Biden from having an embarrassing meltdown, they can now eliminate the convention that would have been a sh$t show of rioting and protesting without much police intervention, and they won’t have to deal with their pesky platform issues the BLM nuts were trying to co-opt.

  4. Joe’s embalmer will pass the word along.

  5. It will be pre-recorded and rehearsed until he gets it right. It won’t be live I guarantee it.
    If it is not safe enough to be around a select group of people, how is it going to be safe for him as President when he will be in contact with people each day.

  6. I so hope for technical glitches that wipe out his appearances.

    Q: the demented and corrupt fool Biden is too scared to go to his convention; so will he be willing to travel to the White House if he wins? By his own criteria he should remain underground in his basement bunker.

  7. Jackass Joe just wants to show off his pictures of FDR addressing the American public on TV when the stock market crashed in ’29 along with his three degrees, gold medals and all his hand-written original speeches!
    History is a verrry different place in Joe’s… ahhh… “Basement”…

  8. I love your idea of a “Glitch” during bite-me’s wholly fake dubbed, 10 retakes “speech”. After this last disaster asking the reporter if HE took a drug test!! If there is really a Q team, this would be a great time to strike.

  9. Can’t go to the convention because of the WoHoFlu.
    Can’t debate because Trump’s going to be mean to him.

    I’m beginning to see a pattern here forming; there will be an EXCUSE for EVERYTHING; Starting with the Executive Orders he signs in the dark of his basement gutting the Constitution. They’ll blame it on his worsening condition and pull the 25A out their asses and install the real “president”.


  10. What we have here, is a failure of a nominee for President living in his basement, scared of his own shadow. 😳

    There is something really sick going on here, and I don’t mean just Sleepy Joe. Do the Democrat’s really think this is a win-win for their party?

  11. Let’s tell the riot where Bidens Hidin.🤫

  12. @ MJA AUGUST 5, 2020 AT 4:59 PM

    A more likely scenario:
    He’ll be at home trying to stab olives with his spoon.

  13. Didn’t Hitler in his last days also try to run Nazi Germany from an underground bunker. And we all know how that ended. Joey, you’re going to have to crawl out from your basement at some point.

  14. Coronavirus concerns. Wink, wink.
    Yeah, that’s the reason and not because the police protection decided to throw the dems to the ravenous wolves!

  15. If he keeps deteriorating like he has, they’ll need to move him from the basement to the fruit cellar … where they’re keeping Ruth Ginsberg

  16. I can pretty much guarantee that the posers-that-be will pre-record his acceptance speech so that they can avoid his ramblinge. The over / under for the number of takes that will occur before they get something acceptable: 15

  17. Gee, only several dozen commenters here called that one. Are you guys Biden advisors? Oh, wait…that includes me – I predicted this as well but I would have advised Biden to accept his nomination in a one hour speech televised live before at least some sort of audience.

  18. How fitting is it that Satan’s party keeps their candidate below ground!!

  19. I continue to be amazed at how many Americans will still vote for “Groundhog Joe” after all these months of his mistakes, his hiding from the public and from Trump and the likely refusal to debate Trump under any circumstances. To be fair I was extremely surprised when Trudeau got stayed in power even with a minority government in our last election. I really don’t understand a significant portion of the voters in either country.

  20. @Doc

    Justice Ginsberg? (taps shoulder)


    REET! .. REET! .. REET!


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