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Biden To Speak In Pittsburgh Today -Expected To Blame President For Leftist Violence


Joe Biden is mounting a more aggressive offense against President Donald Trump with a rare public appearance in Pittsburgh on Monday, where he’s expected to say Trump is contributing to the violence in the streets nationwide.

According to a campaign aide, the Democratic presidential nominee will accuse Trump of exacerbating unrest and will make the argument that the violent turn some of the recent protests is the Trump administration’s problem. More

The President challenged his opponent yesterday to condemn Antifa/BLM violence, not try to blame others for what democrats have encouraged and ignored for months. Here

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  1. Being a totalitarian left-collectivist means never having to say you’re sorry, because you always blame somebody else for your own failings and misdeeds.

  2. Is he flying, or driving? I think the last time he flew anywhere was back in June to Houston for George Floyd’s funeral. Could be wrong. Maybe he’s developed a problem with flying, and he only flies if he absolutely must. He’s got visits to Wisconsin, Minnesota and other battleground states planned after Labor Day, and those flights could take their toll on him.

    In related news, Trump went down to Louisiana after the Hurricane, just as he did after the flooding in August 2016. And once again, his opponent was a no-show. Not a good harbinger, Joe. And speaking of harbingers, Joe, as you plan your post-Labor Day outings, maybe you should consider staying home on 9/11.

  3. Predict mkts have trump going up when riots ensue.
    Those same mkts have biden going up when virus cases go up.

    So Biden and the dems are saying trump is rooting for more riots.

    Then get on the stick white house and say biden is rooting for virus cases to go up.

  4. It’s encouraging to see that Americans are finally beginning to see through the Dem/Prog bullshit and realize that the violence has been due to elements within the party and outside agitators such as Soros and factions such as BLM and that the only way to stop them is to re-elect Trump and give both house of Congress to the Republicans. Whether enough citizens wake up in time remains to be seen however Biden finally being forced out of his bunker is a good sign. By the by, how is his running mate going to utilize her only political weapon if she can’t blow the electorate whilst wearing a mask? A hum job maybe. Lets’ ask Willie.

  5. Gonad the Barbarian, Biden has been playing the good little masked basement mouse to ride the Covid hoax narrative and to excuse his lack of motion. Now Trump has forced Joe to get off his ass and try to campaign, which belies all of Biden’s feigned pandemic caution. Covid fatigue is real, and the numbers coming out are making it hard for Biden to go to his virus woobie.

    Biden is not going on offense with his Pittsburgh sortie, which has been completely pre-planned and coordinated by the media. Biden is performing a desperate, scripted, reactive maneuver because his riot torpedo circled back and hit his own campaign, and Covid panic is rapidly diminishing in political returns.

  6. It was Mattress Back Harris that said publicly, back in June,that the riots should continue. C’mon man, can’t have it both ways. I hope the good people of Pennsylvania show up and boo Dementia Joe right out town.

  7. ‘Biden To Speak Read In Pittsburgh’

    he’ll do a poor job of reading something that someone else wrote for him. Just what he’d do if elected, too.
    he doen’t appear to have any emotion- he’s cold and lifeless. he’ll just read and let the msm tell everyone what he meant.
    Trump has vibrancy.

  8. Former DNC official Jose Aristimuno was on FNC’s America’s Newsroom this morning beating Biden to the punch shoveling the democrat propaganda blaming Trump for the leftist violence and riots. A complete waste of air time. Thereby meeting my low expectations.

  9. Trump should agree that his response to date has not been strong enough. Tonight he should sent out 100,000 national guardsmen to end the riots.


  10. If Joe is leaving his basement it means that his handlers are confident they have his cocktail of psychotropic drugs dialed in close enough for him to perform a short appearance without a public relations catastrophe.
    I hope they forget his rubber underwear so we can still have a good laugh!

  11. Here’s the challenge to Biden:

    Say America is good, Joe. Say the words, Joe: America is good! Say it, Joe.

    Donald Trump needs to challenge Biden to say those simple words.

  12. For three months, Democrats have been supporting “peaceful protests” and blaming Trump for wanting to stop them. At least they are finally using terms like “violence” and “riots”, although they now have to disapprove of them in order to continue to blame Trump.


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