Biden Told Months Prior Afghan Airforce Bound to Collapse


A military watchdog warned the U.S. Department of Defense that pulling out of Afghanistan would decimate the local domestic air force – a full seven months before Joe Biden ordered the exit.

In January 2021, John Sopko, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR), warned that Afghanistan’s Air force would no longer function if the U.S. pulled out of the nation, AP reports. More

11 Comments on Biden Told Months Prior Afghan Airforce Bound to Collapse

  1. The only afghan he would have any cognitive ability to relate to would be coverning the couch in his basement hideaway.

  2. What does it matter when there is pudding to eat & naps to be had? Sorry, forgot diaper changes, as well. What a disaster this clown has been.

  3. 3 more years of this shit.

    Even if we win the Congress majority in 2022, they fucking own us. EOs while our RINOs seal the deal.

    When do we arm up?

  4. We have to get back to war, so the Cheney’s can make more money.
    Probably all the defense company stocks will start going up.
    All ready have to make $85 BILLION worth, to make up for what they gave the Taliban.
    Don’t you feel safe with a WOKE military?

  5. biden* never needed any intelligence briefings.
    Despite his perpetually wrong instincts about every foreign affairs issue for the last 40 years, he always considered himself an expert. Ask him, he’ll tell you, wise guy!

  6. Nobody TELLS Joe Biden anything. Joe Biden TELLS you. That is why Joe Biden has always been a superb screw-up.


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