Biden Trashes Hillary for Ignoring ‘Middle Class’

Well, to be fair, 0bama ignored them as well.

Hannity: Former Vice President and potential 2020 candidate Joe Biden unloaded on doomed Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton on Monday, saying her unfocused campaign didn’t explain her policy positions “that affect the middle class.”

Biden was speaking with NBC’s ‘Today Show’ when he was asked to weigh-in on the 2016 presidential election, pressed on whether he was blindsided by Trump’s surprise victory last fall.

“All the pundits, the press, the campaigns themselves thought this was turning into a Hillary Clinton win. What did you see? Was it just a gut feeling?” asked Matt Lauer.

“There was no discussion of the issues. I thought at first that [Trump] was making so many mistakes. Then I realized that […] only four percent of all the coverage of Hillary was about the issues,” said Biden.  read more here

13 Comments on Biden Trashes Hillary for Ignoring ‘Middle Class’

  1. I’m in my 60’s and I feel like crap, so it depends on your health but I don’t like old people
    running the country. In less they are in great health. Which I’m not.

  2. Another Jackass trying to lead from behind … this is nothing more than holding your wet finger up and see which way the wind blows.
    If Biden wanted to run in 2016, then he should’ve done so…. no Monday morning quarterbacking one year later – could’a, would’a, should’a…. What a total lack of determination and decision-making skills Biden shows. Americans – take note !!

  3. “her policy positions that affect the middle class.”

    you mean policy positions that makes the middle class support the democrat voter base ?

  4. Biden is wrong, she did explain her policies that would affect the middle class – she was going to keep on regulating, destroy what was left of healthcare and end the coal industry along with steel, the pipeline and any other manufacturing or coal/oil/fracking that provide good high paying jobs. Just face reality Trump did address this and that is why he won blue swing states. People finally rejected what they were offering on the D side.

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