Biden twists ankle Saturday while playing with one of his pet dogs – IOTW Report

Biden twists ankle Saturday while playing with one of his pet dogs

His office reportedly said Sunday that Biden would visit a doctor in “an abundance of caution.”

26 Comments on Biden twists ankle Saturday while playing with one of his pet dogs

  1. Rumor just now: It’s an ankle and head injury. But who knows.

  2. Out of an abundance of caution, we should amputate at the neck.

  3. Lead sentence refers to “his office” but later on, the thread referred to “office of president elect “ an office that does not actually exist.

  4. His grand kids will be a lot safer if he can’t chase them around the basement.

  5. GP says now they banned the press pool from seeing him going or leaving doctor. But just precautionary. More BS.

  6. I bet he was sniffing the dogs butt when he slipped and fell

  7. I think Joe should try to make a deal to save his arse before it’s too late.

  8. Hmm, seems like the switch to Kamala is in the beginning stages.

  9. More likely Joe tried to do unmentionable things to his dog who retaliated by biting him hard on the ankle.

  10. He was only have Kamala over during the week. Is dog her ss come name?

  11. There are several kids picture books planned featuring Joe’s two dogs. No offense to the dogs but paw-leeze! 🤮

  12. Damn. It’s official.
    PHenry has lost his sense of humor, as pathetic and erratic as it was. I am Spiraling into a sense of hopelessness and depression as the evidence that we’ve been rat fucked politically through unabashed blatant and unchallenged fraud becomes more evident.

    Maybe I am just having a bad day. I don’t think the mounting evidence of systemic fraud and societal rot bears out my ‘bad day’ excuse.

  13. To finish my seemingly disjointed thought regarding slo mo Joe, if I believed anything this media said about Joe’s supposedly family dog related accident, I will certainly be able to believe when his prostitute VP boots his ass out of Marine one into the tidal basin from 500 foot altitude because he stumbled after dropping and chasing his iPhone.

  14. Ain’t Karma a bitch! That is the dog’s ‘name, right?

  15. Was Xiden running to the mailbox to get another check from China?

  16. A possible scenario. Demented Joe was drinking out of the toilet with the dog. Then got startled and tripped over the dog when he heard Jill yell for him.

    Time for a trip to the hospital for a new mix of dementia drugs and a big black Bertha nurse to blow air up his nostrils – you know, to see if he’s still breathing.


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