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Biden Under-performed Everywhere Except: Detroit, Milwaukee, Atlanta and Philadelphia

Gateway Pundit

Unless you’re a Democrat or a member of the media, you’ve probably noticed some strange things about the 2020 election.

Somehow we’re supposed to think there’s nothing odd about old, white Joe Biden getting more votes than Obama in 2008, in what was a historically large turnout.

One pollster is asking a very good question. Why did Biden underperform Hillary Clinton’s numbers except in four specific cities? More

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  1. Pastor Jeffresss at First Baptis Dallas (on line) said he will have a sermon relating to the new administration, but not until January.
    Of course, he will not join the preemptive president elect Biden bandwagon.

  2. …And with women above the age of 12.

    Filthy pedo

  3. If it walks like a duck,if it quacks like a duck,it’s a duck!

  4. Under performed, Is that why a dozen or less people came to Joe’s exciting rallies?

  5. I can already tell you their bullshit response… “He campaigned REAAAAALLLLLLLYYYYYYY hard in those areas!”

    No F-ING WAAAY!!!!!

    Trump performed better in 2020 Kenosha than in 2016 but not in Milwaukee?!!!!


  6. Voters in Detroit, Milwaukee, Atlanta and Philadelphia really love basements.

  7. Answerman – “…Voters in Detroit, Milwaukee, Atlanta and Philadelphia really love basements…”

    Voters in Detroit, Milwaukee, Atlanta and Philadelphia really love to vote…early, late and often.

    And from beyond the grave. – Dr. Tar

  8. TGP this morning posted three interview segments on Baritoromo’s Sunday show — 2 with Sydney Powell and 1 with Rudy. There’s a very simple explanation with lots and lots of players involved. First, Dominion (and its subs and partners) is extremely well-known (notorious) for its built-in (not “glitch”) ability to allow remote monitoring in real time and gives those monitors the ability to download votes for a candidate into a ‘folder’ which can then be further manipulated (erased/”lost” or transferred to another candidate). The software also allows the optical reader to be turned “down” by degrees or shut down entirely, bypassing the security of signature matching.

    Rudy and Sydney both said that the CIA is complicit in ignoring the many serious allegations made about the software in the past, but also in knowing about the software’s intentionally-written code that allows for wholesale fraud — that’s why it’s used in the first place! There are serious suspicion that the CIA has been part of deploying the software in other countries — or at least being a large part of helping to use it in other countries’ elections. There is an article about which specific countries at American Thinker today.

    Dominion and its subs/partners is used in 30 states. You should try to check to see if your state election officials/governor/county officials have contracted to use their software and/or hardware.
    I believe there is an article at NQReport today in which the writer investigated all 50 states and toted up the number of “switched” and “lost” votes.

  9. Dominion Voting Systems has a subsidiary called Smartmatic USA. Smartmatic’s Board Chairman is Vice Admiral Peter Neffenger (ret). Neffinger currently is a member of StealTheVoteBiden’s faux transition team.

    Wonder why?

  10. stirrin — Why do you think?? LOL!

    For the same reason that former chief of staff guy (jeese, there’s too many incestuous relationships to remember all the names and states!) is part of all this, too.

    It would come as no big shock to learn that Hunter Biden was on the receiving end of some payola in and amongst all this! He seems to have latched on to every other grifting opportunity. LOL!!

  11. AA – remember, a good investigator always knows the answer to his question before he asks it 🙂

    That would be Ron Klain, who has ties to Oblowme and the Clintonistas.

  12. Joe also under-performed in other locations – in 1973 ~ 2020.


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