Biden Vows To Reject Ruling On Nuns’ Religious Freedom If He’s Elected

This is why the left will not keep Biden from being their nominee.
He may be mentally deficient, or suffering from dementia, but he’s pliable enough so that they can do to him, or get him to do anything they want.
They just have to keep him ‘alive’ until November. lol.

Federalist: Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, issued a statement saying he was “disappointed” in the Supreme Court’s decision this week in Little Sisters of the Poor v. Pennsylvania, and vowing to reject the ruling by restoring “the Obama-Biden policy that existed before the Hobby Lobby ruling” in 2014.

On Wednesday the Supreme Court ruled 7-2 that employers with moral or religious objections are exempt from the federal mandate that requires company health insurance to cover birth control and abortifacients.  The Little Sister’s of the Poor are a Catholic order of nuns who care for impoverish elderly by running homes with an employed staff, to whom they provide health insurance.

The Supreme Court’s decision upholds the Trump administration’s rule, exempting moral and religious objectors from Obamacare’s birth-control and abortifacient mandate. 

Biden’s response to the ruling for religious liberty was that “there is a clear path to fixing it,” meaning the Little Sisters of the Poor could find themselves back in another legal battle should he win the presidency. more here

13 Comments on Biden Vows To Reject Ruling On Nuns’ Religious Freedom If He’s Elected

  1. In other words he has just told Trump he has no objection to him having free rein to look at SCOTUS rulings as a Chinese menu too.

  2. Biden is, and has always been, as stupid as he is evil

    … which pretty much sums up every Dem’rat

  3. Conventional wisdom is that up to the national convention, Democrat candidates cater to the lunatic fringe – but after the nomination they move more to the center. However, I think Joe Biden is too brain addled to do anything other than what his handlers tell him to do, and this means continuing to cater to the Democrat lunatic fringe.

    At a minimum, Biden will have to emerge from his basement to take center stage at the convention. I sure his wife and staff will try to control the situation and the media will strain so much to cover for Biden that they risk a hernia, but Joe Biden has proven on numerous occasions already that he can’t remember or comprehend the script. I believe the Democrat convention scares the hell out of them, and that any debate with Trump is a non-starter. Joe may be the first candidate in the history of the United States to run a basement campaign in the hopes that people never really find out who he is.

    At some point, it is likely that a lot of Democrats are going to wake up and realize “what the fuck did we just do?” And the most disturbing thing to those people will be realizing that the guy who has done nothing his entire career and is obviously suffering from cognitive decline was the still best potential candidate they had in 2020.

  4. Biden reminds me of Stephen Hawking in the final years of Hawking’s life, when he was completely dependent on his leftist lunatics caretakers: suddenly, he became a ‘voice’ for them.

    Biden is guilty of treason, sedition, graft, extortion and a variety of other high crimes, so he’s no angel. Nor is his mind anything to brag about, dementia or not. He must be reveling in the attention being thrust upon him now, and he’ll go with anything and say anything.

  5. Yes, Obama showed us the way. Ignore laws and rulings you don’t like. It worked for him for 8 years. Why shouldn’t Biden assume he can do the same?

  6. A vote for joey is a guarantee for taking away every freedom that we have as Americans that our Founding Fathers gave us in the Declaration of Independence and the U S Constitution. I for one am not willing to take that chance and live under a tyrannical out of control govt. that will destroy America.

  7. What religion is this jerk? iow you cannot have it both ways there Joey. A professed Cat-lic and prevent life? That does not equate.

  8. Yah, you do that, dumb ass. Considering your age and health you could die any minute now. You still have time to tell the Good Lord you’re sorry and ask for forgiveness. But what the hell do you do? You arrogantly give the good Lord the finger, tell God you’ve sold your soul to the devil and you ain’t backin’ down. Good luck with that you dumb ass. Where the hell is his family? Jesus H. Christ

  9. The best way to throw a wrench into the Dem’s plans (remember, you may hate these fuckers but they aren’t stupid) and push them into a forced error is to lay paper on Biden and force him up out of his basement into public grand jury testimony regarding the use of his position as VP to have a prosecutor investigating his son’s company fired and the investigation closed down. He already admitted as much on video so a subpoena as a witness shouldn’t be tough to issue. Imagine the fun when he starts taking the 5th to all the questions.

  10. The only question left unanswered so far is who’s Joe’s puppeteer and who do they intend to install as the actual leader?
    Joe is nothing more than an incontinent vegetable.

  11. Dementia Joe Obiden Bama is a Roaming Catholic. Always has been. Just like Teddy Kennedy. Just like Nancy Pelosi. He’s a member of the Dementiacrat Party, and they don’t adhere to any religion that interferes with staying in Office.


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