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Biden Wants Federal Employees To Stay Up With Inflation

Washington Times

In a letter to congressional leadership, Mr. Biden said civilian federal employees will see an average 4.6% boost in pay beginning Jan. 1, consistent with his 2023 budget proposal in the spring.

The raise includes an across-the-board 4.1% increase and locality pay that will increase by an average of 0.5%. More

By the governments own numbers, inflation has been running at about 4.6% annually. Here

11 Comments on Biden Wants Federal Employees To Stay Up With Inflation

  1. Biden keeps reaching into the top hat and pull out a rabbit. So far all he’s been pulling out are handfuls of shit.

  2. Obviously they don’t include gas, groceries, automobiles, housing, or building materials in the index. Gas up 150%, groceries at least 20%, the federal mileage rate is up 13% from 2018.
    First liar doesn’t stand a chance.

  3. Except that most of the work government does is done by contractors who won’t pay their workers as well. So, he’s just rewarding feds that will cheat for him and his shitty party.

  4. This is a clear example of us vs them Government mentality. I see it all the time.

  5. Once again , who the hell have pedo pete aka red chinajoe the check book.

  6. Should have said who the Fuck gave red china joe the fucking check book.

  7. Try again, there has been about a 30% inflation in the past year.

  8. Stolen elections have consequences.
    Brandon is desperate. This shit show won’t end well.

  9. Biggest COLA I ever got was when Jimminy Carter was pretending to be Presidunce.
    I LOST money! About $1.50 per pay day.
    Health Insurance, Taxes, all that other bullshit went up and ate the COLA.

    The present Fed Employees will probably lose money, too.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  10. Tim, As freshly minted one striper during the Carter years I had no frickin idea why the old dogs were furious about inflation. No way in hell would COLAS ever come close to actual inflation rates, they observed. The numbers reported by the MSM and the government were BS. Went to night school. Opinions of Night School (know nothing) know-it-all dip shits were 180 degrees from what coworkers experienced. Decided communism was not all it was cracked up to be, gave up on democrat party. (Brightest students in class were Viet Nam vets and graduates who went back to school to earn degrees in something useful.)


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