Biden Would “Prefer” Not To End Senate Filibuster

The Hill

A top White House official confirmed Sunday that President Biden remains opposed to ending the filibuster and pointed to the administration’s success in passing the COVID-19 relief package as evidence that it can get its priorities through Congress.

Communications director Kate Bedingfield told CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union” that Biden remains committed to winning Republican support even after no GOP lawmakers broke with their party in either chamber to vote for the $1.9 trillion relief bill.

“It is still his position [that the filibuster should be preserved],” Bedingfield said. “He wants to work with Republicans, to work with independents. He believes that, you know, we are stronger when we build a broad coalition of support.” More

8 Comments on Biden Would “Prefer” Not To End Senate Filibuster

  1. ‘COVID Relief’ passed because it didn’t require cloture. I don’t know the specifics of what qualifies and what doesn’t, but no way will they get cloture on anything important to them, say HR 1.

  2. Lets be real,

    JoeK would prefer strained peas for dinner and green jello for dessert.

  3. Is it just me or do others find these times reminiscent of the reign of the black shit stain?

  4. …I don’t give a shit what that fucking pedophile prefers, whatever he is, he’s not a president, so the only preference I would accord him is whether he wants a hood or not on the gibbet…

    …no, fuck that, too. No hood. I wanna see his eyes bulge and his tongue swell and blacken as his dentures pop out of that trademark smirk while he slowly strangles…although I think it might be fun to to skip the traditional hand binding too, just to see the old shit’s weakening struggles to keep the full weight of both his sins and his fraud-fattened, syphilptic body off his neck just a few seconds longer, and point out to everyone when he pisses himself after the realization hits him he’s going to lose that struggle bigly…

    …that’s MY preference.

    Fuck HIS.

  5. It’s a veiled threat.

    His handlers are say to the Senate, “See, we’d really like to keep your precise “filibuster” intact and all, but you know if you don’t go along with our agenda, we’ll just have to take if from you. It won’t be our fault we finally did away with the filibuster, you forced us to do it.”


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