Biden : “You Either Keep Newsom as Your Governor or You’ll Get Donald Trump…It’s Not a Joke”

100% Fed up- Joe Biden made an appearance yesterday in Southern California to support California Governor Gavin Newsom. During his speech, he forgot that Donald Trump isn’t running against Gavin Newsom.

20 Comments on Biden : “You Either Keep Newsom as Your Governor or You’ll Get Donald Trump…It’s Not a Joke”

  1. I can’t help but enjoy the shit out of just how much these puke democrats are afraid of Trump.

    It’s almost as though they fear the idea of having to pay for their sins.

  2. How the left spins it.
    “Eight cybersecurity experts say there is now a legitimate risk to election security ”
    “Colorado officials say they have replaced their old Dominion voting machines with new ones from the company.”
    I’m sure the new machines cheat better.

  3. I’ve read that some people’s dead family members received 2 or 3 ballots, some or all envelopes you could see if they voted yes or no.

    To be honest I never expected him to be recalled, as long as there are mail in ballots and machines an election will never be fair again. Not to mention they perfected stealing elections in California.

  4. @Loco
    Get the Tubi app and watch the original Fantasy Island-not the stupid new reimagined one. 🏝 It fun to spot the stars before they hit the big time and how 25 years olds in 1977 looks 35!

  5. Thanks Illustr8r.
    I grew up watching the original.
    I will look into it because I was just thinking how you never see reruns of FI anywhere!

    Not on MeTV, H&I, or any of the other nostalgia networks.
    I would rather watch a show I had already seen than put up with woke bullshit indoctrination any day!

  6. The problem with current elections is that nothing was done after the last election had so much fraud.

    Now the tyrants know that they just have to cheat to the maximum and no one who can do anything about it will do anything about it.

  7. How the hell did we end up with mail in voting?

    Did anyone vote for it? I thought that’s how things get passed in this country, by the will of the people. Is it even legal? It’s like anything democrats want it just happens one day, zero fucks.

  8. The usual… Mail-in ballots made everything a mess, and every major press outlet is pronouncing Newsom the winner before even 25% of the votes could possibly have been counted. We live in a fascist, fake democracy now. There is no doubt about that now.

  9. The joke there is biden himself, a flaccid wind sock with marbles rolling around in his zombified head. No offense to marbles.


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