Bidenomics Playing the Grinch This Christmas – IOTW Report

Bidenomics Playing the Grinch This Christmas


Trying to survive current price increases in housing costs, energy costs, electricity costs, food and fuel costs has forced consumers to reevaluate purchasing decisions.  As consumer demand for non-essential items has collapsed, and as Americans dig deeper into their savings just to sustain current unavoidable expenses, major retailers are now cancelling Christmas inventory orders. More

7 Comments on Bidenomics Playing the Grinch This Christmas

  1. I walked into a Lowe’s earlier, today. Christmas trees and everything that goes along with them was everywhere. Not this year, Lowe’s! Not this year!

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  3. Clearly, some more “re-education” is in order. Whatever money you have left, it is by our good graces and magnanimity that you are allowed to keep it. Do you think keeping all those Trump MAGA white supremacists in order comes cheap? We kept you safe during the pandemic, we got all those anti-vax fascists out of our military, out of academics, and out of the healthcare field, we allowed those poor refugees to escape persecution of resettle here, and we are working towards a carbon-free future where unicorn farts will power our economy, you think all this re-setting comes cheap?

    You have in Biden a man that understands what is best for you, quit your bitchin’ and just go with the program. You don’t want to end up in one of those “education camps” we are currently building for those Trump hoodlums, do you?

  4. We’ll all be eating one of those damned tofurkys come this Thanksgiving. I think I still have a can of cranberry sauce in the pantry; I don’t know if I should break it out or hoard it.

  5. Even homemade gifts are now expensive.
    But we’re only annoyed with him and his puppet masters because we’re mentally damaged and unhappy right Joe?

  6. Prices been through the roof lately(8% inflation is rough). Thinking about not doing a deer season this year since that’s a whole load of gas for driving(insane price increase), fixing up rifles( even more), buying ammunition( nearby store still has old prices, but I bet it’s going up and up again when season hits). I haven’t skipped a single deer season in 15 years, but with current situation I might, and that’s not a something I’m happy about…


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