Biden’s ABC Interview Is a Festival of Fail, Chock Full of ‘What the Heck’ Moments

Redstate: Joe Biden did an interview with ABC this morning from his basement.

But he really would have been better off if he had not done it, because it was just so bad.

He went through a list of things that he claimed that President Donald Trump should be doing. Except he didn’t seem to understand that Trump had already done everything he was suggesting. Biden is clearly not able to keep up with the shifting Democratic talking points. more

14 Comments on Biden’s ABC Interview Is a Festival of Fail, Chock Full of ‘What the Heck’ Moments

  1. Biden had his head buried up Obama’s ass so long he’s suffering from oxygen deprivation.

  2. Paging Doctor Jill Obiden Bama! Social Services are calling! Please turn down your husband’s record player and pick up the telephone! Don’t let him play with that unloaded shotgun! Don’t let him answer any more pesky questions! Doctor Jill, please, please keep the future of the Dementiacrat Party better hidden.

  3. Clown’s too far gone to realize he’s just a placeholder to keep Sanders at bay. By the time they get to the convention, Joe will barely be able to just sit there and drool.

  4. But did the ‘journalist’ correct him when he said stuff the POTUS has already done?
    Of course not.

    I would love to see how he would react if corrected like that.

  5. Bob M

    Probably live long enough to secure the nomination and have the Dems pick the VP they want to be president . Then, they’ll move him out one way or another

  6. I still feel Killary is going to slither in at the last moment. Probably accompanied by the hog-jowled Tank Abrams.


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