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Biden’s America Rots from the Head Down

American Thinker:

By J.B. Shurk-

Perhaps no head of state before Joe Biden has so completely personified the maritime proverb that the fish rots from the head down.  In both deed and physical decay, he is that putrefying rancidness wafting from where offal is tossed near the dock whose ability to trigger the gag reflexes of unsuspecting travelers seems the perfect metaphor for this nauseating moment in American history.  Not only is Joe’s walking corpse a fitting symbol for a country that has never looked more debilitated, but the reality (ignored by the State’s slavishly devoted press corps) that his cognitive acuity is plummeting so fast that terminal velocity was reached long ago drives the point home that the head of our head of state is rotting, too.

When Biden’s handlers sent him to Buffalo, New York, to exploit a mass murder by blaming conservatives, liberty-lovers, Trump Republicans, Fox News, and just about anybody to the right of Karl Marx for a crime whose perpetrator didn’t even merit the faux-president’s direct condemnation, angry, spiteful Joe Biden showed just what a miserable, acidic, revolting excuse for a human being he’s always been.  A real president would have mourned the dead, comforted the survivors, consoled the grieving, and united Americans through the common bonds of their humanity.  But Joe Biden is no real president, so he both dishonored the solemnity of the occasion and betrayed his sacred duty to elevate the nation’s welfare over the interests of his party’s political power.  With an outstretched, bony finger good for nothing now but casting blame, he tarnished the tragedy with petty partisanship, rebuffed the nation’s need for grace, befouled what should have been dignified, and withered further the civic sinews barely binding Americans together as one nation.  Biden’s moment in Buffalo was disgraceful.

I know Republicans such as Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham love to tell stories about how charming and friendly the Great Mental Void from Delaware has always been, but you can’t spew such filthy, spiteful rhetoric as Biden did in Buffalo without having a dark and rotten soul.  This is who Joe Biden has been all his wretched life.  When he wasn’t stealing other people’s words for his own use or orchestrating Justice Thomas’s “high-tech lynching,” he was running around the country telling black Americans that Republicans wanted to “put y’all back in chains,” scaring elderly Americans that Obamacare opponents wanted to destroy their Medicare, or straight-up lying about the authenticity of his son’s “laptop from hell.”  You don’t have to watch that old lecherous canker fondle children or impose on women’s personal space to know that Joe Biden has a mottled, tattered soul that would turn the stomachs of the devil’s most sulfurous henchmen. more h/t NAAC.

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  1. What a super piece.

    I was telling someone just last night, that The horrid grifting clowngress and the entire B.o.B money laundering Ukraine CABAL (Biden obimination Biden)regime are like a rotting corpse.

    The left is so giddy-drunk on the toxic gases emanating from their own created corpse, that they keep (1) shuffling funds to a useless shill country, keep (2) adding to their own grifting pockets with having liquor added to their ‘working’ benefits AND (3) giving expensive gym memberships for ALL staff AND don’t forget that self-awarded clowngressional 21%RAISE IN SALARY, ALL ALMOST PROUDLY ANNOUNCED with not an ounce of shame.

    Everyone of the clowngress who voted to send $40 BILLION MORE TO THE ‘Wag The Dog’ BIDEN-obamination-Biden laundering Ukraine should be labeled unAmerican and lose their next election.

    Everyone, be on the look out for the cabal inviting the damn UN to monitor our elections. Obamination did it.

    Write, email, phone your congressman to DO SOMETHING TO STOP THE “treaty” on the 22nd.

  2. The prose wouldn’t get an A+ in literature from a university professor, but living in a fishing community, it was special and a deserves a thousand thumbs up.


  3. The career white supremacist and widely despised Joe Biden may as well pack it in and follow the thankfully-dead ‘EXALTED CYCLOPS'(et al) OF THE KU KLUX KLAN of whom Biden eulogized and mourned as his “mentor” and part of his (quote) ‘REAL SEGREGATIONISTS’ whom he proudly exalted in yet another recent mumbled speech.

  4. Joe was a rich, mental defective hate monger 50 years ago. Now he’s a rich, mental defective DOMINION “President”! And is still a hate mopnger.

    GWB’s DOMINION counts the voted in Ga. Leftist B. Kemp will win mark my words!

  5. The first trailer park white trash family to stink up
    the White House.Obungo was the first sodomite communist family to foul the White House.

  6. The only positive thing I can think of about Joe Biden being president is that he will go down in history as being the worst and most corrupt one term president in history. There will be a trove of lessons of what not to do evidenced by the dramatic political shift he and the radical left has caused.

  7. Remember this genius sold part of his own property that his driveway was on to pay for the remodel of his house back in the day.
    Landlocked and that’s not all, it got worse.

  8. “… he will go down in history as being the worst …”

    Assuming some American will survive who will write that history honestly.

    Joey’s not a walking corpse, or a brain-dead puppet – Joey is EVIL.
    He and his cohorts are dismantling this country before our very eyes – and we do NOTHING.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  9. America’s ‘head’ starting rotting when Bill Clinton was elected. We’re near the end.

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