Biden’s approval rating PLUMMETS to 33% – IOTW Report

Biden’s approval rating PLUMMETS to 33%

Keep trying, Joe. I’m sure it can go much lower.

New poll finds just 33 percent of Americans approve of Biden’s job performance, majority think American democracy is on the brink of danger.

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  1. It’ll go a hellova lot lower when they decide to shift into full Communism which is prompting them to build a concrete blast wall around the White House!

  2. Joe could care less, his brain is dead and he can barely follow directions much less think on his own. Joe the facade.

  3. We have changes coming this month that will fix this.

    It willbe a crime to say anything negative about your government, so everyone who says the president is doing a bad job in a poll will be jailed or executed, as will those who publish those polls.

    He will be back to 100% positive after that.

    This is nevessary as we must root out all the unpatriotic Insurrectionist White Supremacist for this nation to be better.

    The polls are one way to find all the unpatriotic Insurrectionist White Supremacist.

    YOU aren’t an unpatriotic Insurrectionist White Supremacist, ARE you, Comrade?

    …good, then I can count you as a positive vote for your president.

    And we will continue asking you at times, as well as setting up other tests of your patriotism in the coming days.

    Do not fail them.


  4. You always subtract 20% from any Dem approval poll.

    There are always 20% crazy Dems no matter what. Could be the built-in cheat factor, I don’t know. But it will never go below 20%, even if he revealed he was Satan himself. What am I saying, that would probably garner more than 20% of the Dems.

    Anyways. So the real rating is down to 13%

  5. American democracy is “on the brink of danger” my ass. It was on the brink in 2008. We lost our democracy during the fundamental transformation that started in 2009. That is when America caught the disease that led to it’s complete demise at the January 7th, 2021, evil, treasonous insurrection that certified the ridiculously fraudulent election results. The evil bastards in Congress honored their master, Satan, by doing this most evil act during the witching hour.

  6. …this belongs here as well. This is an excerpt from the Nuremberg trials that shows even ACTUAL Nazis knew they couldn’t rule against the will of the people forever no matter HOW much that sat on their bayonets…

    “GOERING: That is not entirely correct. We repeatedly called on the people to express unequivocally and clearly what they thought of our system, only it was in a different way from that previously adopted and from the system in practice in other countries. We chose the way of a so-called plebiscite. We also took the point of view that even a government founded on the Leadership Principle could maintain itself only if it was based in some way on the confidence of the people. If it no longer had such confidence, then t would have to rule with bayonets, and the Fuehrer was always of the opinion that that was impossible in the long run-to rule against the will of the people.”

    …only one way THAT ended…it’s the same way THIS will end, sooner or later…

  7. π˜½π™žπ™™π™šπ™£β€™π™¨ 𝙖π™₯π™₯𝙧𝙀𝙫𝙖𝙑 π™§π™–π™©π™žπ™£π™œ π™‹π™‡π™π™ˆπ™ˆπ™€π™π™Ž 𝙩𝙀 33%

    That high, huh?

  8. QWICK!
    For democracy!


    Nancy Pelosi
    (The world’s Most successful Investor)

  9. Whomever is running Joe Biden doesn’t care about approval ratings. It seems clear that Biden is only a place holder; no one seriously thinks this fool will run for a second term, and I know a lot of folks – Democrat as well as Republican – who still don’t believe Biden will serve out his full first term. Biden is nothing more than a tool for the left wing of the Democrat party to try to enact their agenda.

  10. If anyone thinks that Joe’s approval number is as high as “33 percent,” they haven’t been paying attention. Really though, not too bad for an someone who was not elected to the office he purports to hold.


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