Biden’s Choice For Comptroller of the Currency Once Proposed Placing All Deposits In “FedAccounts”

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Last month, President Joe Biden tapped Cornell Law School Professor Saule Omarova to be the next Comptroller of the Currency. That would put her in charge of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), the Treasury agency that supervises national banks and federal thrifts.

Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA) has asked her to give the Senate Banking Committee a university thesis on Marxism she wrote during her time at Moscow State University in 1989 titled “Karl Marx’s Economic Analysis and the Theory of Revolution in The Capital.” The college reportedly claims it has been destroyed and no copies of it exist.

Fortunately, senators do not need her thirty year old thesis on Marx to determine that Omaraova is too radical for the post. All the evidence they need is in an article published in the October 2021 issue of the Vanderbilt Law Review. In “The People’s Ledger: How to Democratize Money and Finance the Economy,” Omaraova argues that all bank deposits should be transferred into what she calls FedAccounts at the Federal Reserve. More

15 Comments on Biden’s Choice For Comptroller of the Currency Once Proposed Placing All Deposits In “FedAccounts”

  1. Ive been following this. This THING is a total Communist. what the fuck? Is this normal. We’re going to hand over control of our banking system to this fucking mutant? This is considerably more than their inch of intrusion. If this happens arm up. Cause this bitch will eventually confiscate your savings accounts. Including your 401 K.

  2. The fact that she has even been nominated shows us how anti-American this TRAITOROUS regime is. Is there anyone in DC that is willing and capable of turning this around or is it going to be up to the citizens to rise up?

  3. What could go wrong? (Massive sarcasm with YUGE eyeroll)

    So, they try to force Satan’s serum into our arms, get all of our money in the Federal Reserve and try to take our guns. THEN is it time to do something?!

  4. Butt, then again you have Janet smellin Yellin advocating for collecting taxes on “Mother Fucking Unrealized Capital Gains”. What the exact fuck? Personally, your 401 K, your Property Tax (when applicable). The appreciation on your home value.
    Biz wize. WIP (Work In Progress). Inventory. Appreciation of private owned Commercial Real Estate. I’m sure there’s pretty smart peeps here that can add to the list. FUCK THIS BITCH.

  5. Hey Brad, that only applies to billionaires. It would never affect the average American. In fact, the 3.5 trillion dollar spending bill will actually cost us nothing. The corporations and ultra wealthy will pay for it.

  6. joe6pak

    Yea, it ain’t pretty bro. Once again we are being punished for being business peeps. Why bother. But then again I guess that’s what they are after.

  7. They’re going to try and take every fucking nickel they can get. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor. At this point anything we have could be in jeopardy.

  8. Punished for doing a good job. I didn’t expect anything for doing a good job, but I had no idea I’d be punished.

    At least in terms of retirement.

  9. @Erik — Ouch! You’re quite right. I hadn’t checked in a while and my preferred dealer wants about $11,500 for a bag of pre-1965 $500 face value 90% silver coins. The spot silver market puts the value at well under $9,000. That is indeed an astronomical markup.

  10. BRAD

    I will guarantee at least 6 BUSH REPUBLICANS will confirm. 20 bush republicans voted for Garland 9 months ago. Told to do so by #1 Bush Republican “Turtle”!

    $64 quetion – The diff between a Buish Republican and a Dem is. … ?

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