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Biden’s EPA Has America’s Biggest Oil Field In Its Regulatory Crosshairs

Daily Caller: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is considering labeling the United States’ largest oil field in violation of ozone pollution standards, threatening drilling operations in the region and, by extension, domestic oil production.

The proposed regulations take aim at the Permian Basin, the largest oil field in the United States, accounting for 95,000,000 gallons of gasoline per day or 40% of the oil produced domestically, according to the Texas Governor’s Office. The move comes amid record gas prices and ongoing energy insecurity for many Americans.

“Even as Americans are struggling with $5 gas and record-breaking inflation, team Biden continues to double down on their political commitments to ‘end all fossil fuels,’” former EPA Chief of Staff Mandy Gunasekara told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Though regulators would have three years to propose solutions to lower ozone levels if the field is found to be in violation, regulatory uncertainty is likely to disincentivize new permits and drilling in the oil field, Bloomberg reported.

The move prompted criticism from Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who demanded the EPA drop the proposal. more
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  1. And I hope this motherfucker suffers until we can punish him as well. Along with Susan, Barak, Mike and all the rest.

  2. There are theories that Hunter and his half-sis Ashley planted her diary to be found and his laptop(s) info to be discovered, so they could be free of Joe and his political bullshit.

    Or the two of them are just careless idiots.

  3. Slant drill from Sonora. Chihuahua is probaly closer….but F them. Worst damn chille peppers on the planet.

    See? The Republic of Sonora isn’t sounding so crazy now, is it?

  4. It’s totally intentional, fuck biden and the EPA. They can both go to hell, he flat out doesn’t give a shit about anything in America and wants to turn this great country into a turd world shithole. I despise the bastard; he is illegitimate so that makes him a bastard in my book. I’m not sorry that I’m pissed beyond belief, but this makes my blood boil.

  5. This asshole will bankrupt America and half of the world all for the green wet dream. RICO the bastard ASAP.

  6. I’m not sorry that I’m so pissed but this is beyond the pale and totally out of bounds of his authority as President. When is enough going to be enough to remove this usurping jerkwad of a President?

  7. We aren’t just shooting ourselves in the foot, we’re blasting away until it’s just bloody fucking stumps! Placebo Joe has gotta go!

  8. Trump was wrong, he said if Joe got in power fuel was going to be 5-6-7 Dollars a gallon.
    It’s looks they are going for 10- 11- 12.

  9. Boys, looks like we only need to slant drill 453 miles from Sonora to Van Horn goin’ under Chihuahua.

    Seems like it would be simpler to pick up Chihuahua while we’re there,but trust me. Juarez isn’t anywhere we need to be. Ever.
    I’ll take Nogales every day of the week over Juarez.

    Anyway, we ought to be able to sell enough subscriptions to suck the Yanquis oil dry before Biden is thrown into jail.

  10. El Magnifico – considering that their idea of sewage treatment is dumping it in a large field, whutever comes outta that pipe is likely to be kinda lumpy!

  11. Nah the Permian basin is over near the tit end of Texas. That’s all Chihuahua south of there. Hellfire. I even hate typing the word.

    If we’re slant drillin’ we can go under all that…: checks map….all that nothin’ straight to Texas. I’ll even let the Texans keep their shale deposits. I just want their sweet light crude.

    I may be willing compromise and set up temporary operation across the border with Van Horn….only on the condition that all native Chihuan workers get deported to…:checks bigger map: Uruguay. After we’re done working.

  12. That out-of-control EPA should never have been anything other than an advisory board reporting to Congress.

  13. I’m seeing another good reason for Texas to secede.
    C’mon Abott, let’s fire the first shot!

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