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Biden’s Gas Tax Gimmick!

Biden’s Gas Tax Gimmick!

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  1. Joe, can you spare a dime for a forty-niner?

    ($4.70/month? That’ll cover most crappy fast food cheeseburgers but won’t pay for a single quart of motor oil or even one gallon of gas!. Way to go, Joe. Alms for the poor!)

  2. 16- they like that number
    16 cents a gallon for 3 months, with a whopping financial deficit as we consume our strategic reserve,
    he’s a strategic idiot.
    I’m still impressed with last year’s 16 cent savings for a Fourth of July cookout. Remember that? They made a big deal about it.
    smells a lot like malarkey to me

  3. They just need it to fool the foolish until early voting, preferred by fools and cheats (takes “vote early and vote often” to another level).

  4. Flaming Jackass Joe, the gaping asshole without end, will brag about saving us 16 cents on a gallon of gas after deliberately jacking it up by 155% while the disingenuous, bought & paid for, kneepad Media will rave about it endlessly!

    Some savings!

  5. Just another slap in the face and another kick in the ass from ‘Wrecking Ball’ Joe Biden.

  6. Biden thinks we will believe him when he says ” That’s a fact ” and “That’s the truth”.

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