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Biden’s “Ghost Gun” Rule Change Already Beaten by 3D Printing

Fox News

“Because ghost guns lack the serial numbers marked on other firearms, law enforcement has an exceedingly difficult time tracing a ghost gun found at a crime scene back to an individual purchase,” the White House said.

Biden formally unveiled the rule from the White House Rose Garden Monday afternoon, alongside Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco.

“Today, the United States Department of Justice is making it illegal for a business to manufacture on of these without a serial number,” Biden said, picking up a model ghost gun and showing the audience. “These guns are weapons of choice for many criminals.” More

Introducing the 0% receiver.

The Machine Gunnest

This rule change has caused a surge in demand for Defense Distributed’s Ghost Gunner 3. The Ghost Gunner is a small CNC Machine that users can insert a bar of aluminum, press a button, and after the machine mills out the metal, have a completely legal, privately made, non-serialized firearm frame ready to go. 

Because all the Ghost Gunner 3 needs is a block of aluminum to produce the firearm frame, the Biden Admin & ATF would need to regulate blocks of aluminum to stop people from producing privately made firearms. While the DOJ may be able to convince a judge that an 80% lower is likely to be made into a gun, a block of aluminum is a much harder sell. More

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  1. “These guns are weapons of choice for many criminals.”

    Really? Someone show me the Chicago thugs that sit in their ghetto homes and assemble their own firearms.

    No, it doesn’t happen. They may have guns without serial numbers, but that’s only because it has been filed off.

    Hell, they don’t have any idea how to take one apart to clean it, let alone assemble one.

    Besides, even if this did target criminals, why in the world would anyone think they are going to follow the rule change?

    This is a crack down on legal ownership plain and simple.

    And it’s not just blocks of aluminum. Many can be made with off the shelf parts from a hardware store without milling.

  2. A couple years ago some idiot law maker in California, wait, that’s all of them, actually tried to pass legislation banning Aluminum Bar and Plate Blanks the approximate size of AR lowers.
    I can whip out 50 AR uppers and lowers in a week. There’s a bunch of us out here that can perform that task.

  3. Remember ammonium nitrate? Go to nitrogen fertilizer, didn’t affect soil PH? Remember buying bags of it? What earthly reason does a ‘member of the public’ have to buy aluminum bar stock? If we let them they will do it. They’ve designated a trigger assembly as a machine gun, toy stretchy stocks as machine guns, why not aluminum billet? I can visualize lead flashing material designated so, not to mention fishing weights and old fashioned lead acid batteries at the same time. At the parts counter… ‘I’ll just need to see your FFL3 for that battery sir.’

  4. The most telling thing about dems and guns is their relentless attacks against firearms.

    The importance of gun control is quite apparent in their overall diabolical plans for America.

  5. “I can whip out 50 AR uppers and lowers in a week”

    Damn. I just need 2.

  6. FYI, The Zero Percent thing will get much worse for them. Most people are familiar with the plastic Three D thang, but there’s also a process called Additive Manufacturing where they “Print Metal” parts driven from a 3D model. The process is still rather new and they continue to fight porosity but every year it gets a little better. Right now they are growing Aluminum and some stainlesses.

  7. Not sure how a ‘rule’ is valid and enforceable legislation.
    Oh, right, it isn’t. This is just grandstanding, in the belief that it will somehow get votes (which it won’t).

  8. We were making 22LRs out of our air rifles in the 3rd grade and home made from scratch firearms in the 5th grade when the dopes who come up with this kind of shit were having trouble making a Betty Crocker box cake.

    We used whatever tools we could get our hands on. Hack saws, files, Dremel tools, Foredom flex shaft tools and whatever was available. Necessity is the mother of invention. The Goddamn dimwits were too busy asking why it is important to comprehend the theory and not just how to arrive at an answer.

    Propellants are not that difficult to come up with once you understand that all you need is a fuel source and a source of lots of free oxygen.

    The only trick is not blowing yourself to shit in the process.

  9. I guess it’s the season where all those victims of boating accidents are rising from their watery graves and roam the countryside moaning and groaning and scaring the shit out of democrat politicians and busy-body karens. 🙄

  10. Brad, Fox is reporting that today’s NY subway shooter used a Glock semi-auto and IT JAMMED!

    Just want to get that out there…

  11. Brad: start making the uppers and lowers. Give us IOTW’ers a discount. We will form an army to protect the world because we already OTW thanks to BFH and his gang….

  12. Loco, LOL. I guess your off the hook.

    Willy, I’m starting to think if we don’t do it nobody else will.

  13. Brad: just like Aaron Burr….I’ll take two because I live in Lebanon….

  14. @Brad April 12, 2022 at 3:12 pm

    > Additive Manufacturing where they “Print Metal” parts driven from a 3D model

    An urban legend. Top men are on it. Top. Men.

    But, like “white allies” — just a rumor. To scare COVID Karens.

    Nothing to Google, here. Move along.

  15. Biden is trying to overtake 0bama as “Best Gun Salesman Ever”. He said in his presser that ghost guns are: 1) Easy to assemble, 2) It does not take long, and 3) Anyone can order one (well not now, they’re all sold out). The three greatest reasons to buy anything.

  16. “”Because ghost guns lack the serial numbers marked on other firearms, law enforcement has an exceedingly difficult time tracing a ghost gun found at a crime scene back to an individual purchase,” the White House said.”


    Most guns used in crimes are stolen, so even if the serial numbers haven’t been filed off, tracking the gun back to the original (LEGAL) owner doesn’t do jack squat!


  17. Brad, I will totally pay for ‘TEAM FLOPPY WIENER’ engraving.

  18. Burr

    Soon as I get out of Cali I have no problem hooking you and Willy up. Or any other IOTW readers. We stopped the AR product here about 18 months ago. CalDoj is always after FFLs. I’m anxious to get the fuck, and get started again. The gun community is chalked full of great people. And if I do say so myself, we have a great product.

  19. My dream scenario:

    Cop pulls me over: “any weapons in the vehicle?”
    Me: “No sir, but I do have a big floppy wiener under the seat.”

  20. Burr
    On early proto samples I engraved “Safe” and “Ur Fucked” on the safety selector switch. We had gun shops that would only buy lowers with that engraving. Did a bunch of Grim Reaper stuff too.

  21. I want all South Park related stuff. “Jimmy” and “TIMMUH!” for the safety select and “F’U KYLE” for full auto.

    My last AR had Hot Wheels stencils on it.

    ‘Team Floppy Wiener’ is the boys airsoft team.

  22. I’m in a raffle for the Lebanon fire dept where the top prizes are a springfield armory AR and a John Deere 42″ zero turn mower….my field will take like 400 zero turns. I’d rather shoot grass blades with an AR. Time will tell….fuck, there’s a leaf blower and a grass trimmer too? and I got 6 raffle tickets….Plus a mega million ticket….

    Brad: I’m glad you ain’t dead yet. It was Burr that made me parlay that bet with BFH’s covid’s apocolypse and MJA’s increased shoe size…..So, effectually it was all Burr’s fault….everything….

  23. Willy

    LOL. I’m not packing it in until I vote in 2024.

  24. Before California went to shit I bought a couple AR’s from Brad. Completely legal. One for me and one for my wife. Due to some unforeseen heath issues we haven’t done all the field training we had planned but I can tell you Brad makes a damn nice AR! I hope to see him get out of California so I can get a couple guns for my grandkids.

  25. Me: “That’s ridiculous. I can’t be at fault for everything…Hmmm. Although…I should probably make a list…”

    𝙇𝙚𝙜𝙞𝙩 𝙢𝙮 𝙗𝙖𝙙.
    Death of King Edward the 2nd…✓
    House of Oldenburg ascends throne of Norway…✓
    Great fire of 1666…✓
    Mongol Invasion…✓
    Heavens Gate cult…✓
    Gulf War 1 but not 2…✓
    Gangsta’ Rap…✓
    Cubs World Series win…✓
    Any interpersonal conflict on the internet…✓
    People wearing pajamas in public…✓
    Static cling…✓
    Decline of Sweden in popular culture…✓
    Holding handguns sideways…✓
    Racially insensitive hand puppets…✓
    The death of everyone since 1804…✓
    Higher entrance requirements to get into heaven…✓
    Shemp Howard…✓
    Every Mexican radio station…✓
    Seth McFarland…✓
    The Comoros islands…✓ (honestly feel bad for this one)
    Those crazy ants that are half red and half black…✓
    The hopes and dreams of hippies…✓
    Saying “yeeaahhh boi” after Amen…✓

    𝙇𝙚𝙜𝙞𝙩 𝙞𝙣𝙣𝙤𝙘𝙚𝙣𝙩
    New Mexico…✓

    So that’s two things right off the bat I’m NOT responsible for.

  26. Thanks Joe6, we need to get that Northern AZ trip organized. Burr says we can stay at his place.

  27. You got a Howard didn’t you?

    It was Shemp or Joe E. Brown. In 1946 I had this thing in Nuremberg that took up most of my attention.

  28. Also….I had to drop ties with Jonestown once they switched to Flavor Aide and ruined my endorsement deal with Kool Aide.

  29. I could put up with new coke, a new Darrin, a new James Bond, a new Batman, a new Joker, a new Paul Crewe, a new Kristin Baxter, a new Mandy Baxter, a new Van Halen, a new David Banner, a new Wonder Woman, a new Mitch Buchanon, a new religion but I CAN NOT ABIDE A NEW STOOGE!

  30. Technically Shemp was a Stooge back in the 20’s with Ted Healy. Then Healy got murdered by Wallace Beery and Shemp worked in movies until Curly had a heart attack.

    Then not much happened until I got Cuba Gooding Jr. an Oscar for his first film role.

  31. I’m not sure what it is you want from me unless it’s the return of Steve Gutenberg.

    Because this is how Steve Gutenberg wins an Oscar in 23′.

  32. No ones swallowing anything. I’m melting down a bunch of soda cans into a brick and then Brads gonna’ hand carve a blicky out of it with like a power drill and a Holly Hobby coke spoon and then I’m gonna’ nickle plate the whole deal.

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