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Biden’s Inability To Use Technology Is A Sure Sign He Will Lose This Election

Daily Caller:

The Biden campaign’s digital efforts are a mix of out-of-touch elitism and a total lack of grasp of technology. Ultimately, that is likely to seal Biden’s fate and ensure his defeat this November.

While the Trump campaign is doing a spectacular job at engaging with potential voters online, Biden’s team has struggled to surmount laughably basic technical glitches in its digital broadcasts. Recent history suggests that this disparity could end up being decisive at the ballot box.

During the 2008 campaign, Republican candidate John McCain invested far more time in traditional media than digital media en route to his loss to Barack Obama, whose deliberate efforts to utilize emerging social media platforms such as Facebook got him almost four times the engagement that McCain had. That is an advantage that Obama also enjoyed on other platforms, including YouTube. In 2012, failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney invested twice as much as the Obama campaign did on television advertisements, while Obama once again focused on popular social media platforms, posting twice as often on Twitter as Romney.

President Trump’s elitist critics love to mock his frank and frequent communication with Americans via Twitter, but their disdain is just a mask for envy — a fact demonstrated by their obsession with censoring the President’s tweets under the guise of “fact-checking.” Donald Trump’s digital accessibility and expert use of social media played a huge role in his election in 2016 and are sure to do so again this year, as they give ordinary Americans the access that the Biden camp reserves for legacy media such as CNN. read more

15 Comments on Biden’s Inability To Use Technology Is A Sure Sign He Will Lose This Election

  1. Technology isn’t Bidens problem. Biden is Bidens problem.

  2. It almost sounds as if Obama has totally abandoned Biden, otherwise you would think his (or even Hillary’s) techie people would be helping.

  3. What do you mean? Joe has mastered the phonograph, but only with 45 rpm records. 33-1/3 rpm Records still have him flummoxed; the damn hole is too small to fit over the spindle.

  4. Well sure.. as long as you also don’t believe that the deep state is in control of the election system by now..

  5. I disagree. Dementia Joe almost has that damned teleprompter tamed and under control. If he can just take it with him on that No Malarkey Bus to Palookaville, Obiden will coast down hill all the way to White House. Americans are rioting and looting for change right now, and Our Joey is sure to gather up most of these unregistered voters who are ready to have their ballots harvested.

  6. I seriously doubt that he could successfully make a phone call for home delivery of take out food.
    Ask him how he likes his oatmeal. I bet he could be engaged in a conversation like that.
    Do you think he could set a clock? (or draw a picture of one) I don’t know how good he would be in response, but he would certainly answer the phone for the infamous ‘phone call at 3AM.’ He doesn’t know what time it is. Ask him. I dare anyone in the msm to ask him that.

    Don’t let him near any buttons, please.

  7. Geoff: You have to ask Terry Malloy where Palookaville is located. Sure his brother, Charlie, put some bets down for him when he told him to take that dive, but Terry had a shot at the title. What happened to Terry after he took that dive to the canvas? Terry Malloy got a one way ticket to Palookaville. He coulda’ had class. He coulda’ been a contender. He could’ve been somebody. From the 1995 movie “On the Waterfront.” Our Poor Joey is not going to be much of a contender unless he gets out of the Mausoleum. Dementia Joe is headed to Palookaville via Milwaukee.

  8. Geoff: Oops! 1954 was the date of that movie.

  9. Anonymous Erik: Yep. That’s when Terry Malloy had that conversation with his brother, Charlie.

    Palookaville is the imaginary town and natural home of the incompetent and mediocre. Dementia Joe will fit right in there. It actually comes from a 1930s comic strip about a boxer named Joe Palooka.

  10. Hold on! I just got a smoke signal from Biden.

    Biden: smoke smoke smoke… smoke. smoke. fire fire large fire… black smoke… bits of blanket…

    OK. Got it.
    He said: Come on man. You people are a bunch of Mulatto-faced Oil of Olay counterfeiters.

    well, I never.

  11. Biden would do better by putting those honking geese in charge of his campaign, they couldn’t possibly do a worse job than the clowns currently running it.

  12. Hello? Alex? Dr Bell? You there?


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