Biden’s Injury From Falling While Playing With Dog More Serious Than Initially Thought – IOTW Report

Biden’s Injury From Falling While Playing With Dog More Serious Than Initially Thought


Joe Biden’s injuries stemming from a fall over the weekend appear to be more serious than initially thought as new imaging tests have revealed that he fractured his foot.

“President-elect Joe Biden sustained a sprain of his right foot,” Biden’s doctor, Dr. Kevin O’Connor, initially said in a statement on Sunday evening. “Initial X-rays are reassuring that there is no obvious fracture and he will be getting an additional CT for more detailed imaging.”

However, follow-up tests revealed that Biden, 78, sustained fractures in his foot from the fall he sustained while playing with one of his dogs.

“Follow-up CT scan confirmed hairline (small) fractures of President-elect Biden‘s lateral and intermediate cuneiform bones, which are in the mid-foot,” O’Connor later said. “It is anticipated that he will likely require a walking boot for several weeks.” more

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  1. That boot will fit nicely up his ass, once they expose “the greatest voter fraud organization in history.”

  2. Does this begin the jettison of Plugs? A fade into the background. Heels up and watch for the pickled pantsuit.

  3. Satan is going to take him a bit at a time…unlike how he dealt
    Sir Dominick

    Fanu, Sir Dominick’s Bargain

    “‘Tell you master,’ says he, in an awful voice, like the
    growl of a baist, ‘that I’m here by appointment, and expect him down-stairs this minute.’

    Up goes my grandfather, by these very steps you are sittin’ on.

    ‘Tell him I can’t come down yet,’ says Sir Dominick, and he turns to the company in the room, and says he with a cold sweat shinin’ on his face, ‘for God’s sake, gentlemen, will any of you jump from the window and bring the priest here?’ One looked at another and no one knew what to make of it, and in the mean time, up comes my grandfather again, and says he, tremblin’, ‘He says, sir, unless you go down to him, he’ll come up to you.’

    ‘I don’t understand this, gentlemen, I’ll see what it means,’ says Sir Dominick, trying to put a face on it, and walkin’ out o’ the room like a man through the press-room, with the hangman waitin’ for him outside. Down the stairs he comes, and two or three of the gentlemen peeping over the banisters, to see. My grandfather was walking six or eight steps behind him, and he seen the stranger take a stride out to meet Sir Dominick, and catch him up in his arms, and whirl his head against the wall, and wi’ that the hall-doore flies open, and out goes the candles, and the turf and wood-ashes flyin’ with the wind out o’ the hall-fire, ran in a drift o’ sparks along the floore by his feet.

    Down runs the gintlemen. Bang goes the hall-doore. Some comes runnin’ up, and more runnin’ down, with lights. It was all over with Sir Dominick. They lifted up the corpse, and put its shoulders again’ the wall; but there was not a gasp left in him. He was cowld and stiffenin’ already.”

  4. Can you Article 25 the faux “President-Elect” ?
    Man, that Kamala works fast, doesn’t she?

  5. Can you Article 25 the faux “President-Elect” ?
    Man, that Kamala works fast, doesn’t she?

  6. The fractured foot has gone into fraud status for fucks sake….

  7. Good. I hope he dies. Am I doing this right Liberals? Is turnabout still fair play?

  8. the farce is already afoot (pun intended)

    they aren’t even waiting for the inauguration (no surprise) … as soon as the electors validate the win fraud on Dec. 14 the Pedo’s days are numbered

    start the pool now …. the over/under is if he survives ’till the New Year

  9. @molon- he’ll make inauguration and not more than a month after due to not ever fully healing from the infection from this injury.

  10. UH…like when Harry Reid slipped on his exercise machine?

  11. So he was playing with his dog and she pushed him down the stairs. So eager to be president she could not even wait until after the never coming inauguration.

    I think she knows that the Dems ARE NOT getting the white house.

  12. wonder when they’re gonna start playing up Kummie Kommie Kammie’s illegality?

  13. Kamala just couldn’t wait, huh.

    And considering how valid the contention of the election is right now… I bet she panicked and shoved him out a window and then blamed a dog.

  14. I got an idea, how about Ol Joe just stays in his basement and pretends to be the President for the Democrats. They will be happy pretending, like they are now pretending he won the election.
    And Donald Trump can stay in the Whitehouse being the real President, conservatives will like that because he is a real president. Then we can all get along because both sides will be happy.

  15. Joey: “C’mon, man! With this darned boot on I can’t see where I’m going!”

    Jill: “Take it off your head, you moron, it goes on your foot. No, the BAD foot.”

  16. MOre serious than this? ? ? Who else has worn boots? And have you heard of the black eye club?

    many deep state players in the past have worn a boot, possibly to hide their ankle monitor after being arrested and put on house arrest. You won’t find proof of arrests online. It’s done behind the scenes by gov’t/military people working for/with Trump. You can find pics of certain people (the Clintons, all 3) wearing a boot. Mc Cain wore one that was switched from one foot to the other.

    copied from a commenter on GAB, but one conspiracy is as good as the next right?

  17. I’d find the whole thing funny except I once broke a bone in my foot while playing with my dog. True!

  18. My Petey B once fractured his ding-a-lingy when he fell and it slammed right into my unbleached elastic starfish!

  19. In ’16 and this election year I’ve posted a whimsical Irish prayer to the “Voting Day Open Thread”:

    May those who love us, love us.
    And those who don’t love us, May God turn their hearts.
    And if God cannot turn their hearts,
    May he turn their ankles,
    So we may know them by their limping.

    Holy smokes! I’m a prophet! LOL!

  20. LOL Abigail.

    How did he not break a hip or get shaken brain syndrome?
    Well, I guess we’ll find out at the next interview. lol

  21. We all knew Pedo Joe was just a trojan horse for Kamel Toe, but God damn — I expected him to hold a little longer than this.

  22. Chasten’s Unbleached Elastic Starfish
    NOVEMBER 29, 2020 AT 11:08 PM
    “My Petey B once fractured his ding-a-lingy when he fell…”

    …penile fractures are a real thing.

    And said to be quite painful, too…

    …so, yeah, may Joe’s dog give him one of those too, and may his dink rot off as a sequela…

  23. I know; he fell on his ass and hurt his brain, what there is of it.

  24. I’m guessing the injury (if there was one) is not that serious. This is probably a ploy to keep Joey in the basement so he can’t shoot his mouth off (again) and further jeopardize his defense against the Trump team’s case for vote fraud. After all, he has already admitted he had a ‘vote fraud organization” before the election.

  25. Too bad it wasen’t his head, but that’s gonna take a lot more blunt force trauma, as in 160 grains at 2700fps.

  26. MJA
    NOVEMBER 29, 2020 AT 11:20 PM
    “Has kamala given up her senate seat yet?”

    …well, considering she gave up everything that’s in contact with her Senate seat repeatedly to GET it, she probably figures she should be allowed to have BOTH, and since rules don’t apply to Democrats, she’ll probably GET to HAVE both, too…

  27. Ol’ Papa Biden, a treat he was hidin’
    Twas for ol’ Major a bone
    But when he bent over
    Ol’ Major took over
    And gave ol’ Joe a broken foot, loose dentures, and irritable bowel syndrome.

  28. So if this leads to complications that end up doing Joe in, will he be counted as a COVID death, too?

  29. @Bob M

    “Brain Dammage?”

    No, he did not land on his ass.

  30. Is this a pathetic play for sympathy? Sorry, I have none. I’m looking forward to the firing squad.

  31. Who in the HELL believes the shit about the dog??

    Sorry nothing forward will pass the bullshit test….


    Playing with his dog? Or sniffing it whatever at the time, he bent over and fell down?

    Like a gooood ole American Joe??

    You have to be fucking kidding me.

    Maybe JUST maybe, he TRIPPED on the door saddle!!!

  32. He probably asked Kamala Harris for a blowjob, but in his dementia confusion, tried to go down on her instead.

    The cheapest of tramps will soon be president of the United States if we allow this rigged election to take effect.

  33. If he died before inauguration he would save this country a lot of grief because Kamala wouldn’t automatically substitute.

  34. So is this like Dingy Harry Reid’s black eye?

  35. To be charitable.
    Most of you are likely suffering from delusion and are in need of psychiatric care, which you can’t afford.
    The rest of you are assholes.

  36. Bring in the pet psychic to see what really happened. I think it was Kamala with the spike heels in the library trying to pin it on one of the dogs.

  37. At J. W. Show

    Says the asshole who voted for a pedophile, criminal cheat who is chained to the CCP AND has a derelict pedophile son.
    And I’m being charitable.

  38. The fraud pill is extremely bitter to swallow, I can’t find laughter because the pill just refuses to do down, I keep gagging on it.

  39. They need to boot him like a car for a parking violation.

  40. The MSM is covering up the true story of Joe’s mishap: He smashed his foot hard against the basement commode while trying to extract his foot from his mouth. He was said to blame his hairy leg for his poor grip.

  41. I didn’t think Cumala would be taking the reigns so soon

  42. Having worn a boot for most of the Summer after my foot surgery in late April, the damned things are a big pain in the butt to walk around in. I’ve
    also had cellulitis in my left foot, if it goes septic and becomes toxic he could die of blood poisoning or lose his leg. How can you be so damn clumsy and trip over a dog? Was the dog’s name Klutz or is that joey’s nickname? Or was he on his way to Special Ed (AKA retard school) and just happened to come across a stray dog and he tripped over it by accident?

  43. I can see Acting President Harris in Late Jan. 2021 announcing Biden has slipped and fell down the stairs of Air Force 1 breaking his neck. He is in a comma and she is assuming power.

  44. I like to think this is the cover story for Quid Pro Joe being fitted with an ankle monitor covered by a ‘a Freedom Boot’.

  45. Tiger Eyes NOVEMBER 30, 2020 AT 12:14 AM
    “Is this a pathetic play for sympathy? Sorry, I have none. I’m looking forward to the firing squad.”

    …yep, they could easily shoot him, boot and all, with Kamel next to him and everything would be fine and the world would be a better place for it.

    …the boot death thing would kind of bother ME a little though, just because of something that happened when I was coming up.

    A friend of mine had injured his foot and was in a walking cast when he fell out of a van he was a passenger in when we were about 14, I wasn’t in the van so I don’t know the circumstances, but it was weird when you’re young to go to the funeral of a friend, probably not my first funeral because I had some distant relatives die before that, but my first funeral for a peer, so it was kind of a new thing. Closed casket all the way, apparently the trip out of the back of the van as it went down the street wasn’t kind to him, and word had it there was a car involved somehow as well.

    But one thing always bothered me.

    He had a cast when he died as I said, but obviously there’s no further need to stabilize and promote healing in dead bone and flesh.

    So did they leave it on?

    If the aliens dig him up 1000 years from now, will they marvel at this strange totem and wonder about its religious significance?

    Were his parents even asked? I’ve since had a LOT of life and met a LOT of people, including a mortician, but she said it hasn’t come up on her watch yet so she just assumes the funeral home will ask the family, and she’d do what they say.

    …but ever since then, it’s always made me extra sad when I have had to deal with a dead person with a medical device still forlornly attached to them. It’s just kind of a symbol of how pathetic Man’s attempts at healing are when the Reaper points his finger at you, I suppose…

    …But in Biden’s case, they can just do what Anonymous NOVEMBER 29, 2020 AT 10:06 PM says and jam it up his ass before lining him up on the pole.

    …I won’t be sad at ALL then…

  46. The fix it was in, and then POOF,
    The dog chased the cat to the roof,
    El gato he fell.
    And the sprain it sure swelled,
    Now he’ll rot from the head to the hoof.

  47. Notice Chlamydia has yet to resign her Senate seat?

    She probably know the white guy supposed to replace her.

  48. …are we SURE the nasty old fuck didn’t do it because he was trying to KICK the dog?

    …he seems like he’d be the type…

  49. formwiz NOVEMBER 30, 2020 AT 8:32 AM
    “Notice Chlamydia has yet to resign her Senate seat?

    She probably know the white guy supposed to replace her.’

    …probably “Knows” him BIBLICALLY, that’s kind of how she made her political nut, by making male politicians with no standards nut in her mouth, bet she’s a felcher, too…

  50. Don’t worry, the cause of death will the China Flue.
    Yeah, President Harris has a nice ring to it….not.

  51. It is all great sport to make light of this matter until one realizes that we are a hair’s breadth away from having a demented fool and a communist whore from being our country’s titular leaders.

  52. Stage one of getting Biden out of Harris’s way?


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