Biden’s Presidential Bid Puts Spotlight on Spygate Scandal

ET: Joe Biden’s April 25 announcement that he is running for president has raised questions about what he knew about the spying on the Trump campaign as vice president under the Obama administration.

During the 2016 elections, officials within the Obama administration—including those at the Cabinet level—spied on the Trump campaign in a number of ways.

The known methods of spying include the FBI’s FISA warrant on former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page, the unmasking of members of the Trump campaign by Obama officials Susan Rice and Samantha Power, informant Stefan Halper, national security letters, and foreign intelligence gathering.

The spying on the Trump campaign is currently under investigation by Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz. Attorney General William Barr has said he is personally looking into the matter as well.

“[Joe Biden] was vice president and presided over the biggest political scandal in history,” Jason Meister, an advisory board member for Trump’s 2020 campaign, told The Epoch Times.

“High ranking Obama-Biden appointees used a phony dossier … to fraudulently obtain a warrant from the FISA court to wiretap, phone-tap, and email-tap Trump and his associates who were all private citizens.”

The dossier, which played a key role in the opening of the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation of the Trump campaign, was funded by Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee.  more here

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  1. So are the House Democrats going to be opening investigations into Biden to find out what he new and when and if he was involved in some way?

    If not, it really doesn’t make much difference whether or not questions are raised.

    And I don’t think they’ll be asking them anytime soon.

  2. Damned if you do: “I was too stupid to be let in on it”
    Damned if you don’t: “It was above my pay grade”

  3. All these candidates just think they have to compete against Trump. Nope, first you have to deal with the other 22 candidates doing everything in their power to sabotage your campaign reveal the truth about why you are a horrible candidate and they are the legitimate answer to Trump.

  4. OT

    The walking distance for Larry Joe of Anne Arundel to Baltimore is 13 Miles. Moving at less than 1 mile per hour how long will it take him to do or say something too?

    Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan says he won’t launch “suicide mission … CBS News

    Larry Hogan Wants Catherine Pugh To Resign … Maryland Republican Gov. Larry Hogan announced he heard people saying Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh should retire for health reasons and that Maryland offers wonderful state benefits for retirees.

  5. This gets interesting. If Joey Hands can survive the touchy-feely stuff as well as the Ukraine scandal and starts to move up in the polls the extreme left may decide to sacrifice the Clinton side that led the dossier/spying misadventure by leaking emails or any other source data that implicates Biden. Obama would be singed s well but he’s out now and may well accept some damage to his image and legacy to see the hard left gain even more power. The next few months ought to be really interesting.


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