Biden’s press conference was terrifying — his internal monologue said out loud

NY Post: It’s a day since President Biden’s press conference marking the first anniversary of his swearing-in, and I remain in the same state of horrified and stunned disbelief I experienced while watching it.

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to see the behavior of an actual human being, as opposed to a character in a spy movie, who’d been given a shot of sodium pentothal. That’s what Biden was like at the press conference. Everything he said he probably shouldn’t have said, but he just couldn’t help himself. It was his Internal Monologue Made Exterior, and it was terrifying.

He said, look, it’s fine, only 5% of America’s schools are closed (then he said it was 2%). Five percent of America’s 130,000 schools equals … 6,500 closed schools. That’s OK?

He said store inventories are at 89%, which, he said, is only a few points lower than before the pandemic.

Really? Stores are missing one-tenth of the goods they usually sell, and that’s fine?

He said, in effect, that Americans should expect inflation to continue to rise due to skyrocketing oil prices. “It’s going to be hard,” he said. “It’s going to be very hard.” read more

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  1. We are losing exceptional people far younger than this asshole every day.
    We lost Meat Loaf while Apple Sauce is back in Delaware.
    Life isn’t fair.
    Sorry but I wish him dead for the good of mankind…

    (sorry for the CAP rage, but it’s all I have after the HTML wipeout … along w/ the EDIT … guess they don’t want us Eloi to emote)

    they WANT us to focus on Biden!!!! … it’s why they put him in the position that he occupies now! this idiot is just a big a puppet as O’Bozo

  3. He’s a corrupt, sick incompetent pervert, who – in his best days – was a corrupt sick, incompetent pervert.

    But then, he was “chosen” by the swamp to be their puppet. He’s not working out too well in the long ru run, but the swamp did achieve the most important thing they wanted: the set-up for the next war. Biden did that in spades by ditching our own troops in Afganistan and by now telling Putin to invade the Ukraine.

    Also think of who is next to Biden: his dumb wife, his slutty moronic VP Harris, his puppetmaster Susan “Obama” Rice.

    We’re fucked if we let the hog our Congressional race victory in 2022: like if we allow that milquetoast Kevin McCarthy to be the new Speaker. Fuck.

  4. Biden is nothing more than some weak slob from somewheres who’s convinced of his own greatness, has never accomplished anything in his life, and is a laughable empty suit wearing a ghoul’s head. Crack open his flat skull and an UFO will come flying out.

  5. What’s new about anything revealed at Dementia Joe’s catastrophic press conference? If this country had a real, active free press, instead of a Dementiacrat Propaganda Ministry, all of this would have been revealed back in the first months of his candidacy. Same thing with Baracky Osmidgen. This is what happens after decades of biased and cowardly journalism. Both of these politicians got a free ride, and that set us up for Dementia Joe and the Kalamitous Jamindian. Try and guess what Poor Joey and his Kackling Kalamity will sound like in 1017 days, when their first term is finally snuffed out.

  6. “… the physical loss of life …”
    Quoth he.
    As opposed to what other “loss of life?”
    I’m beginning to believe his handlers are either as dumb as he is, or are working feverishly to make him seem dumber than he really is.

    I know that the intention is to destroy America, but damn! – does he HAVE to be so buffoonish (and all of America is buffoonishly reflected in his buffoonery)? We know he’s greedy and perverted – couldn’t they just work those angles?

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  7. 25th Amendment now.

    “But that means Harris would become president!”

    Yeah. That was the plan, wasn’t it—pick a VP that was so bad that no one would want to impeach him. After all, it worked so well for Obama. He committed so many impeachable offenses, yet no one pushed for impeachment because no one wanted Biden to become president.


    We should not fear removing Biden and forcing Harris to become president. If anyone should fear it, it’s the Democrats. The only thing worse for them than being the party of a disastrous presidency is being the party of two consecutive disastrous presidencies in rapid succession: after Pierce and Buchanan, the Democrats were shut out of the White House for nearly thirty years.

    Let’s rip that bandage off while we still have the chance to heal.


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