Biden’s Ten Worst Flubs During The SOTU – IOTW Report

Biden’s Ten Worst Flubs During The SOTU


President Joe Biden stumbled through his State of the Union address on Tuesday, flubbing several lines from his prepared text and ad-libbing lines that did not make sense. More

9 Comments on Biden’s Ten Worst Flubs During The SOTU

  1. Honestly, despite the lies & complete omissions facts & retard screams, he actually remained upright and got through it much better than I thought possible for that level of Dementia.

    All that this actually proves is that the Ruling Elites have access to MUCH BETTER drugs, medicine, & healthcare.
    Who knows, maybe Iver-Schmuck-tin & the other Hydroxy-whatever-the-Fuck-its-called!

    Heck, I bet he even went boom boom in the bowl last night instead of his Kevlar Diaper.

  2. I’m willing to bet that the last SOTU he ever does. His current rate of decline is accelerating to a free fall. The leader of the free world. Yikes.

  3. We are in deep shit if this is our leader. Even if he strokes out and drops over dead, we are still in deep shit. Banana number 2, Cornhole Kamala, is also a certifiable moron. We are in deep, deep shit.

  4. Dad.
    The “toxic smoke” that did me in came from My brothers Crack pipe down the hall while he was plowing my wife.


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