Biden’s Trip to Uvalde the Closest He’s Been to the Border in Years – IOTW Report

Biden’s Trip to Uvalde the Closest He’s Been to the Border in Years


President Joe Biden plans to travel to Uvalde, Texas this weekend to “grieve with the community” following a deadly shooting that left at least 19 elementary school students and two adults dead. It’s the closest Biden will be to the southern border since taking office.

The president is right to visit Uvalde, but there’s no reason he can’t visit the border too, even though he will most likely use his trip to grandstand about restricting Americans’ access to guns. Uvalde is about an hour from illegal immigration hotspots such as Eagle Pass and Del Rio, making them an easy stop for Biden, who hasn’t visited the border in more than a decade, next week. More

15 Comments on Biden’s Trip to Uvalde the Closest He’s Been to the Border in Years

  1. They will set up a large perimeter keeping the protest signs out of the cameras view.
    Rest assured he will be hammering on the second amendment while being protected by people with said guns.

  2. What an asshole. I read the other day that that school has been “Locked Down” 43 times this year due to the Border Patrol chasing suspected cartel members through town.
    I don’t think he or his rambling anti 2A speech will be very well received there. He’s as bad as Beta.

  3. @Toenex

    Screw the signs, Hundreds of !!!”LOUD”!!! speakers should be blaring that vegetables F-up’s for all to hear. Loud enough to be heard 200 yards away. Give this asshole the Mad Maxine treatment.

  4. Expect lots of armed LE for “crowd control.”

    Let the kids die. But protect the fake President from people with AR-15’s who “just want to kill people.”

  5. Somebody should set off a huge fireworks display and watch him shit his pants on live TV….

  6. Maybe his handlers won’t stop him from wandering off across the border. Tag Mexico! Your problem!

  7. Haven’t those poor people in Uvalde suffered enough? Wonder if Biden will stop by Waukesha on his way to Texas? Nah, probably not!

  8. Joe Biden is nothing more than a mean vicious white supremacist who has made it his single purpose in his ‘REAL SEGREGATIONISTS’ career to manipulate, lie to, and deceive the black community for his own benefit. EVERYTHING he does, promises, croaks, whispers, and grunts is bold-faced false. And you can make book on that fact.

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