Big Brain Running For Office Says Teachers Armed With Pepper Spray Will Stop School Shooters

Has this dope heard of face shields?

19 Comments on Big Brain Running For Office Says Teachers Armed With Pepper Spray Will Stop School Shooters

  1. What will stop school shootings is putting an end to CIA Mind Control, along with Hearts & Minds Government Gun Control efforts.

  2. Gee, a more effective solution, turn off the lights.
    No, wait, a light switch in a break glass in case of emergency cabinet. That means it’s for real.

  3. Notice his logo is just like Obama’s.
    Way more dangerous than guns are idiots infesting our schools and pushing their idiotic ideas on children. This clown is a good example.

  4. Having pepper sprayed several convicts and been pepper sprayed, and been punched out after pepper spraying a convict, what a dumbass

  5. “…and try something new…”
    This guy is dangerous. Our government is not there to “try something new” by enacting a law. Bills should only be passed after careful deliberation based on facts, not emotion, and absolutely NO lobbyist influence.
    We are now at a point where any newly elected president can reverse any existing law “with a phone and a pen”, thanks to oblabberer.
    It will take a supreme court ruling to void that precedence. Who knows what damage will happen the next time a democrap is elected president?
    (It’s up to us to keep that from ever happening again.)

  6. The Hegelian principle at work. The liberal philosophy of relativism, that there is no such thing as universal right or wrong, has led to this situation (school shootings). Now the left wants to step in with the solution (confiscating guns). Just like the relativistic “sexual revolution” of the 60s has caused the behavior of the Bill Clintons & Harvey Weinsteins. Now the backlash (solution) of the “me too” movement.

  7. Typical liberal solution. As Bad Brad said 15 feet is not a good range to deal with when facing an active shooter. This clown has no clue of how to deal with an active shooter but fearlessly offers his phucked up opinion . Sadly this is indicative of too many in congress today. We don’t need anymore like him.
    On the other hand Levi should continue to perform this idiotic stunt at each and every campaign stop he attends. That would demonstrate beyond a shadow of doubt that he is unfit for duty due to dain bramage.

  8. Now, what if they put the liquid in a fire extinguisher…it would become an “automatic weapon?”

    PHenry, , I thought he should try now with a real gun to show us the difference.

    Organgrinder, if you go to his Twitter account, he has the reasons you should vote for him. One of them is that he “worked under Obama.” Other one is that he owns a dog. Seriously!

    I know because when I saw the video I couldn’t believe it was real. I thought it was a satire, so I went looking for him!

  9. LOL, even Pelosi and team Dem have avoided this guy so he has been trying to get exposure in CO. This is a great example of why the worst Rep is always better than a Dem.

  10. He should have gone for a darker shirt and a full undershirt. It looks like he is wearing a bra in a wet t-shirt contest and has man boobs. Maybe that was the intent, who knows anymore.

  11. Self inflicted pepper spray ‘Russian roulette’ and he lost…..that’s the boy I’d vote for….LOLOLOL….

  12. Tell you what, Levi … 20 paces … I get an SKS (limited to 10 shots) and you get pepper spray.
    Let’s find out how serious you are about this BULLSHIT.

    Put up or shut up.

    Yeah … that’s what I thought … total fucking hypocrite.

    izlamo delenda est …


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