Big League Politics Editor Explains Fox News’ Stance On Jeanine Pirro

OAN: Judge Jeanine Pirro was taken off Fox News after the Council of American-Islamic Relations demanded her firing. One America’s Neil W. McCabe spoke to the editor of Big League Politics and got his reaction to Fox’s apparent attempt to silence Pirro.

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  1. Paul Worthless Ryan and Rupert’s little spineless Ratbagger sons buckle to the terrorists in suits!
    Bye Fox “News”

  2. I didn’t know a fox can have a five pound “balancing”
    thumb for adjusting the scales of “truth”.

  3. Fox has lost me, I pulled all my links. Those at the top can’t see where their going. Live and learn about loyalty Fox…the hard way

  4. I agree with all of you. Where in hell are we supposed to find real news? My guess is that for me anyway, I will be relying on Big Fur, and weasel zipper.
    What a damn awful state of affairs this country is in. Get the God damn Muslims out of our Congress and all our government,, before we lose it all

  5. I’ve personally reset my internal scales to the value generator of answering “What would CAIR Do?” instead of my faith in God, Jesus Christ, my ideals of Country and Nationalism, my interest in my community, and just plain common sense.

    From now on it’s religion of peace, jew-hating, America-bashing, globalistic open borders, 3rd world mentality sheep and goat lovin…
    whoa. Nuff said.

    P.s. Fox News Suck.

  6. Fox has been GOP left/progressive for many years Clearly Fox is still liberal ; leftist Ryan ‘s hire says LIBERAL. 5×5!

  7. Perhaps Sinclair Broadcasting can step in and take over the mantle vacated by Fox, now that it’s put on it’s mouse ears.

  8. And the MSM -all of them including Fox- wonders at the growing popularity of alternative news sources in spite of their efforts to quash them.

  9. I’ve been saying this about Fox and Murdoch’s spawn for awhile now. Seeing Ryan, Brazil and Pirro now makes me think their agenda for turning Fox left is paced faster then I thought.

    The problem is that OAN by it’s name (and some of the stories I’ve watched) seems outright right-wing and to get on the cable I think that impression (and it’s only my opinion) could stop that goal. I’d like to see them rename it to something like “OAN NewsFirst”. Then, If it can be done take the most popular personalities from Fox (Hannity, Pirro, Gutfield, Faulkner etc etc etc (I have to confess I can’t get FoxNews on cable up here in Canada unless I’m willing to pay premium package although CNN is tossed in free everwhere so I’m sure they’re are more names) as well as from the open market. Have the Fox people live, on air, discuss the changes being made to Fox and that the sons are leftwing globalists dragging Fox into the liberal mudhole. Then wait to be fired or suspended before announcing they are off to “OAN News First”. Hell, even think about hiring Megyn Kelly if she promises to behave herself as she was pretty good before she went on the Trump rant.

    OAN’s owners would have to put in a lot of cash to build out the network, hire more experienced reporters and have some patience but they would have access to half the US population and well as a growing population around the world that’s turning away from progressive politics.

    It could be done but it would take a deep wallet and some courage on behalf of the owners and the staff.

  10. I cannot give up Tucker, he deserves our viewership. I like men who are not pansies, they are a rariety, only form of commentary on the tube I watch. Now, for news, Tim Pool is great. He is not a conservative by any means, but my gawd he fights for them to have a place at the table. Watch on youtube his interviews, are great.

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  12. scr-north: Thanks for the OAN tip. I just added the site to my Opera browser. I’ll check it out, looks interesting at first glance.

  13. @TRF March 23, 2019 at 7:13 am

    > Paul Worthless Ryan and Rupert’s little spineless Ratbagger sons buckle to the terrorists in suits!

    “Buckle”? As in “Buckle up, we’ve got a do!”? The job they were hired for? The job they sought out? That kind of “buckle”?

  14. @Caroleigh March 23, 2019 at 8:09 am

    > Get the God damn Muslims out of our Congress and all our government,, before we lose it all

    Oh, gro… (sigh)
    Look… dear… I was hoping to never have this talk with another single person… ever… again… But,

    There is no Santa Clause.

    There is no Easter Bunny.

    There is no Tooth Fairy.

    And… it is not, and never has been, “your” government. Even if you’re older than The Notorious RBG, if you’re alive now, you were too young to vote, the last time The United States Government (there is only one) was The American People’s government.

    If Americans want “their” government, they will have to find it elsewhere.

  15. “I cannot give up Tucker”

    His initial show monologue is really the only thing worth watching, he has way too many lefties on that make the same old tired arguments.

    There is a “contact” link at the bottom of the Foxnews website, where you can say bye-bye to the watered down CNN lite Foxnews.

    OAN is a nice alternative. Their hard news shows during the day are first rate, and commentary in the evening, Liz Wheeler is nails.

  16. OAN should hire Pirro and give her her own show opposite somebody like, say, Neil Cavuto. Then they should make a move to hire Tucker. That would hasten Fox’s downfall.

  17. Disney doesn’t own FOX News. It’s now a stand-alone company.
    The Leftist Murdoch sons will soon learn the new meaning of stand-alone.

  18. Ann – That’s why I said “Priming the pump”. The way it’s going, especially with the likes of Rupert’s Ratbaggers, it won’t be long before FOX “News” is taken over by Disney.

  19. @TRF March 23, 2019 at 10:23 am

    > Anonymous – Nope. The kind of buckling that is synonymous with caving.

    So you really, honestly, believe what they are now is not what they were then? That they were hired for being everything lying progs despise, only to (“something, then a miracle happens, profit!”) be turned into lying progs? That’s your story, and you’re sticking to it?

  20. Anonymous – I’m really not sure what rabbit hole you want me to dive down here, but needless to say, give Dorothy and the caterpillar my best regards…

    Oh, and get a name!

  21. Between saudi ownership, paul ryan on the board and murdoch’s idiot son in charge, Fox is doomed. It was a good ride, but look elsewhere for the rest of the story. Viewers will follow Jeannie, not paul ryan.

  22. Ghost of brig gen j glover

    Thanks for the information on blog……… problem is I am rural area, no cell towers for miles so no real Internet, I have limited Wi-Fi.. And only a few minutes a day befor it runs out.

    And can someone please explain to me what OAN is. Is that television or Internet I never heard of those letters before

  23. Caroleigh,

    One America News (OAN) network is both online and broadcast. From their website at

    “One America News Network is owned by Herring Networks, Inc. Herring Networks, Inc. is a family owned and operated, independent media company focused on providing high quality national television programming to consumers via its national cable networks. The for-profit company was established in 2004 and has its primary production operations in California and Washington, DC.”

  24. Used to be when I changed cable companies or satellite tv companies, or channel package, they had to offer FNC at a reasonable cost or no deal. That no longer applies.

    The list of contributors at FNC that trigger an immediate channel change keeps growing. Jerry Geraldo, Marie Harf, Donna Brazille, to name a few. They are now outnumbering the ones who can only be tolerated for a few minutes, such as; Karl Rove, Juan Williams, etc.

    And the contributors or host worth watching is growing ever shorter, or I turn them off too once they have on one of the “immediate channel change contributors”. Which they seem to be doing more often lately.

    Judge Pirro was usually worth watching, with her gone, there is one less reason to want FNC be included in channel package.


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