Big Meat slaps Biden

For blaming inflation on industry.

20 Comments on Big Meat slaps Biden

  1. Heels Up Kameltoe shoved Biden aside, removed her false teeth and opened her mouth as wide as she could when she heard “big meat’.

  2. Thomas Vilsack? C’mon, man! Sounds like meatballs. Bet he ain’t vaccinated. He’s a dog-faced pony soldier. I’m running out of patience!

  3. Isn’t Mad Joe trying to get the Chamber of Commerce help him jam the jab down our throats? I would say this latest gaffe wil hurt him in that endeavor, bot the CoC would roll over for him no matter how badly he slandered them. Those RINOs can’t wait to lick his boots. What have they done to fight his lockdown destruction of slall businesses, other than to meekly complain?

    And Big Meat employs a helluva lot of illegals and muslims, all of whom are exempted from the jab, so Joe can slander Big Meat all he wants, and the worst he’ll get is a strongly worded letter like this one.

  4. Joey Biden needs to find real work somewhere in the White House. Something where results can be identified and given a value added percentage. The last time I looked those windows could use some cleaning. Maybe a couple of healthy maids could help Joey find entertainment so as to not be pestering us Worker Peasants out here busting our a$$ with BS this and BS that.

  5. Looks like we were wrong. He couldn’t have picked a better VP for advice on this matter. World renowned expert on big meat.

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